4 Ways You’re Over-Cleaning Your House

Can you over clean your house

Being diligent when it comes to maintaining a tidy and germ-free home is never a bad thing. Not only is cleanliness extremely important when it comes to combating the spread of COVID-19, living in a spotless house is generally great for both your mental and physical health. 

That being said, it’s sometimes easy to go overboard and clean your belongings in a way that actually increases the amount of time and energy you spend cleaning. In order to help you avoid this problem, we’ve provided a list of the top 4 ways people unknowingly create more cleaning work for themselves than necessary. 

We’ll also show you how to avoid these cleaning mistakes by applying some highly effective techniques that professional cleaners who provide top-notch house cleaning services in Westwood use to make their cleanings more efficient. Keep reading to learn more!

Can you over clean your house?

We’ve all known since we were kids that, regardless of what we’re doing, we need to apply some elbow grease if we want to achieve optimal results. While that’s true for the most part, at some point working harder no longer yields enough benefit to justify all that extra effort you’re putting in. 

In terms of cleaning, the trick is to find a happy medium that enables you to keep your cleaning supplies organized and your home tidy at all times, without causing you to spend most of your free time with a mop in hand. 

Here are 4 ways you may be doing too much cleaning: 

1. Using too much detergent when cleaning windows

When it comes to using cleaning supplies properly, it’s not enough to simply use the appropriate cleaning product: you also need to use the correct amount. For example, using a higher detergent concentration when cleaning windows can cause the glass to develop a dull film that’s difficult to clean off. 

Instead, you should spray a little bit of mild detergent onto a clean rag, and use it to wipe down your windows.

2. Vacuuming your carpets too frequently

It goes without saying that you should vacuum your floors and carpets once or twice a week if you have children who regularly play on the floor. However, if you don’t have small kids, you don’t really have to vacuum floor coverings that aren’t regularly walked on (such a small corner rug under a coffee table) more than once a month.

3. Spraying cleaner directly on the couch

Applying the cleaning solution directly to fabric upholstery will cause parts of it to become soaked, which will require extra cleaning. Avoid this by spraying the cleaning products on a clean rag and wiping the furniture down with it.

4. Washing the bed sheets too often

Washing your bed sheets every week or every other week is a great way to maintain that sweet, clean smell. Washing them more frequently than that will likely fade the colors and wear out the fabric, not to mention use up a lot of detergent. 

In fact, if you haven’t been sweating a lot, washing your linens once a month will make your bed feel more lived-in without making it look messy. 

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