4 Irrefutable Tips for Getting 5-Star Airbnb Reviews

4 Irrefutable Tips for Getting 5-Star Reviews from MaidThis.com

Every Airbnb host wants to get consistent 5-star reviews. If you don’t care, you might be in the wrong business. 

There’s plenty of suggestions and information floating around the web about how best to land those perfect ratings, but how do you know what are the best, most tried-and-true methods? 

We’ve done the legwork for you so you don’t have to do the digging yourself. Here are what we think are 4 irrefutable tips for getting 5-star Airbnb reviews.


1. Communicate consistently.

Check-in and check-out used to be a great time to gets some valuable face time with your guests and to connect with them on a more personal level. Now that social distancing is the norm, that system is literally out all the open windows.

Unsurprisingly, no one is doing face-to-face check-ins or check-outs anymore due to the coronavirus. In order to make a connection, you’re going to have to create opportunities. 

Make an effort to stay in close contact with your guests before, during, and immediately after their stay. Don’t worry about being too “chatty”: You don’t need to write long, heartfelt messages. Simply drop a quick line to let them know you’re available to answer questions and are looking forward to hosting them. 

To really stay on top of these quick little notes, keep a Google doc or note somewhere with canned responses that you can consistently copy and paste into your messages.


2. Make a habit of over-delivering.

Make an effort to be honest in your listing, but don’t give away every nugget you’ve got in your gold pan. Surprise your guests with higher-level toiletries or a few snacks and drinks upon their arrival. 

Maybe hand-write a note thanking them for their stay and leave it with your printed house rules or somewhere you’re sure they’ll find it. 

Get creative and go above and beyond. As you’re less likely to ever meet your guests these days, these kinds of small personal touches can make all the difference. 


3. Do a little homework.

We really love this idea from Get Paid for Your Pad: Do a little reconnaissance on your guests to see what kinds of things they may be interested in.

If your guest is an Airbnb veteran, chances are that they’ve left several reviews for their past hosts. Hop over and check out reviews they’ve left on other hosts’ review lists. You never know what you’ll find – it may offer you a great way to make their stay even better.  


4. Think like a guest.

At the end of the day, it pays to simply consider what you would be “wowed” by as a guest yourself. Think back to some of your own amazing Airbnb stays in the past – what made them so amazing or memorable?

Implement what you can without breaking the bank. Remember that reviews don’t bring in more money right away, but they do help you build trust with new and potential guests which ultimately leads to more bookings… and more income.


Don’t stress yourself out over earning 5-star reviews. With a little consideration and planning, you can consistently earn your guests’ appreciation and praise.


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