Our 5-Step Screening Process

You deserve the best cleaners in the market, period. You work wayyy too hard and don’t need to spend extra time managing a subpar cleaner or worry if the cleaner you hired will be good or not!

To make sure you have nothing to worry about and can actually enjoy all that extra time you’re saving NOT cleaning, we have created a proven 5 Step Cleaner Screening Process.


Step 1: Online Application

The cleaning applicant must go through our own custom online screening test. In addition to filling out their own experience and details, the applicant must also review pictures of dirty homes and describe in detail how they would clean it (what solutions they would use, where to start, etc). Only those applicants who answer these questions correctly make it to Step 2.

Step 2: First Phone Screening

Our Hiring Manager vets the applicants with a phone screening. This includes verifying and learning about past experience in cleaning, reliability, and (most importantly) good attitude!

Step 3: Second Phone Screening

If the applicant passes, they get to the hardest part – a 2nd phone screening by our awesome General Manager Varsha (aka Mama Bear). Mama Bear is very protective of our team and does a vigorous 2nd phone screening to double-check all of the information and quiz the cleaner further.

Step 4: In-Person Meeting + Test

If the applicant passes the 3 Steps, they will do a test cleaning in-person. Our kickass Operations Manager Lisa will take a look at the quality of the work and meet the cleaner in-person.

Step 5: Background Check

If the applicant somehow makes it past the first 4 steps, they must undergo a background check to ensure the safety of our customers.

Less than 2% of applicants make it through MaidThis’s 5 Step Screening Process