2 of the Best Airbnb Door Locks

2 of the Best Airbnb-Friendly Door Locks from MaidThis.com

2 of the Best Airbnb-Friendly Door Locks from MaidThis.com

Door keys are so last century. No one wants to keep a jangling wad of metal in their pocket or handbag anymore when they can walk in the door by simply pressing a button.

These days, it’s also worth mentioning how the novel coronavirus has affected the short-term rental industry and the fact that the more we can cut down on passing things from person-to-person, the better. 

Now that every check-in is a remote one, dealing with physical keys is that much more of a hassle. Here are 2 of the best options for Airbnb door locks currently on the market. One may just be a great fit for your vacation rental.


Yale Assure Lockstarting at approx. $199 on Amazon

We love this lock for a number of reasons. Not only is it a fully keyless option, but it looks super modern and sleek. You have a few options to choose from to get much of the same functionality, including opting for a new door handle rather than a full-blown new lock. We think that’s pretty neat.

Here are a few other reasons why we like the Yale Assure Lock lineup:


  • Control everything from your smartphone: Add and remove an unlimited number of access codes right from the app. Never recycle old codes again if you don’t want to.


  • Third-party integrations: If you’re living in your home and truly home-sharing, it might be helpful to get your lock set up with other smart home apps like Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri.
  • Set up auto relock: Set the door to automatically lock every time it closes so you never have to worry about whether or not it’s secure.




Gate Labs All-In-One Video Smart Lockapprox. $299 on Amazon (with service plan)

Gate Lab’s video smart lock is in a category all its own and might be our favorite of the two choices here. It’s the only lock on the market that directly integrates video along with its actual locking capabilities. Pretty cool, huh?

While compared to other “smart” locks it falls a tad short – it doesn’t integrate with Alexa, Google Home, or other third-party applications – and in order to get all its functionality, you’ll need to subscribe to a monthly “premium” service plan, it’s still one of the most robust options out there. 

Here are a few things we love most about the Gate Labs All-In-One Video Smart Lock:


  • Live HD video streaming: Greet your guests upon their initial arrival! You’ll be able to see them (and verify it’s who you’re expecting) and speak to them directly using the lock’s two-way audio to ensure they settle in comfortably.


  • Remote locking and unlocking: Lock and unlock the door via your smartphone and add up to 4 other admins with the same capability on the free service plan.
  • Unlimited guest access codes: Set a new code (or cycle through several) as guests come and go so your home always stays secure. Add and remove access codes all from the Gate Labs smartphone app.




There are a number of really amazing and secure Airbnb door locks on the market and not all are created equal. That said, we think these two options are the best suited for vacation rental hosts thanks to their functionality and user-friendliness.


By investing in a secure and easily-managed lock system, you not only keep your vacation rental safe and ensure the safety of your guests.


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