4 Thoughtful Things to Include in Your Guest Welcome Packet

guest welcome packet

When you check into a new vacation rental, what’s more exciting than the goodies and helpful tips awaiting you? For many guests, the answer is “not much.”

When was the last time you took a look at your welcome packet? If it’s been a while, chances are things are outdated and could use a few improvements. If you’re not including any little freebies, you might want to consider adding a few elements to give your packet some extra flair.

Here are our favorite recommendations for how to spruce up your welcome packet.

1. A List of Neighborhood Favorites

If you’ve actually lived in your vacation rental neighborhood, you likely have a great sense of the local area and which shops are the most fun to visit. That being said, things change over time and some businesses may have moved or closed, and new businesses have opened since you created your initial welcome packet.

Update your list and include a few favorite coffee shops (include a Starbucks for the star-obsessed), restaurants that serve the various greatest hits – brunch, breakfast, lunch, and dinner – unique or fun shops, and grocery or markets.

Aim to re-evaluate your list every 6 months or so to ensure your suggestions are still up-to-date.

2. Recommended Airbnb-Proof Recipes

While plenty of people enjoy eating at local places while they travel, there are just as many folks who like to stay in and cook for themselves.

Why not offer your guests a few easy recipes they can make in your Airbnb kitchen? Choose a few to add in print to your welcome packet from lifestyle and cooking blogs like The Touring Yorkie, Food 52, or Daring Migration.

Of course, if you make recommendations for a few dishes, ensure you’re setting your guests up for success with the right utensils. It’s a good idea to check your kitchen status before recommending recipes.

3. Must-See Attractions from a Local

Along with local places to shop and eat, you know more about what nearby attractions are worth seeing and which ones aren’t.

Give your guests the inside scoop on things they should definitely keep or add to their sightseeing list and which ones they could do with skipping. And, for that matter, you may know of some places where visitors flock but, as a local, have a better recommendation. Set your guests straight and they’ll thank you for it.

4. A Thoughtful Gift

Everyone loves free stuff – especially presents.

Regardless of how long your guests plan to stay, consider setting out a little welcome gift to say “thank you” one more time. This doesn’t need to be anything expensive, but it should be well thought out.

Consider nice chocolates, inexpensive bottles of wine, or a thoughtful keepsake your guests can take with them when they leave. Don’t stress too much over this one – it’s the thought that counts.


This season, take a little time to review your welcome packet and make a few changes. It may seem like an unimportant task, but it will be important to your guests. The more effort you make, the more likely your guests are to take notice and sing your praises in their review.


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