The Subtle Art of Over-Delivering

The Subtle Art of Over-Delivering from


Ensuring your guests are comfortable is your top priority as a vacation rental host – as well it should be! The better experience your guests have while staying with you, the more likely they are to leave a stellar review and recommend your place to others.

It’s not rocket science – meeting guests’ expectations means better everything for you.

While it’s great to make an effort to merely meet your guests’ expectations, why not do everything you can to exceed them? After all, nothing screams “amazing stay” quite like perfection.

To give your guests the visit of a lifetime, get creative. Start by trying a few of our tips below.

1. Provide “luxury” toiletries.

People forget things when they travel or simply don’t want to mess with checking a bag or risking their toiletries leaking on their flight. Your guests may not expect to see or receive any kind of travel toiletries so when you provide them, you’ve already made a good impression.

Take this a step further and offer nicer brands or a few things to choose from. Shop for travel- and sample-size shampoos and conditioners – brands like OGX, Matrix, Paul Mitchell, and Pureology all offer small sizes of their basic products. While they’re certainly more expensive than drugstore brands, they’ll also be more appreciated by your guests.

You can also order some brands in bulk and store them in your supply closet….those little hotel amenities are wayyy cheaper in bulk than you think!

2. Stock the fridge and pantry.

Everyone wants a little snack or drink now and then, including your guests. Why not give them some things to nibble on as part of your welcome gift?

Regardless of how often your place is rented, there are plenty of beverages and snacks that will last for extended periods.

Consider putting a few drink options in the fridge. Choose things like cans of varying sodas, a few bottles of water, juice boxes, or other long-lasting drinks.

For snacks, choose individually wrapped items you can toss into a basket for your guests and leave on the counter or into the pantry area. Go with things that are fairly versatile that most folks might like.

Be sure to let your guests know in your welcome letter (or when you meet them) that they’re welcome to help themselves! You don’t need to go overboard in what you offer: A few of each category – snacks and drinks – will do the trick and your guests will love your thoughtfulness.

3. Offer simple maid services.

This tip will be especially appreciated by guests who might be staying with you for more than just a night or two.

We all love that just-made bed feel; it’s one of the awesome perks of staying in a hotel. Why not offer your guests the same experience? Let them opt for simple maid services like making the beds or washing dishes. Give them a time window when you (or your cleaning service) will come by to spruce up each day and let them know it’s okay if they’ve left for the day or if they’re still hanging around the house.

It won’t take much time and may not seem like much, but the effort won’t go unnoticed.

There are so many ways you can go above and beyond your guests’ expectations and truly “wow” them during their stay with you. Don’t stop with these suggestions! Think about what makes you feel most “at home” when you’re away and think of ways you can create those “homey” feelings for your guests. They’ll love it!

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