4 Bad Cleaning Habits & How to Break Them

How can I improve my cleaning habitsOn its face, cleaning seems like a pretty straightforward activity. All you need to do is wipe down a bunch of surfaces, mop and vacuum the floors, throw out the trash, and make sure your bathroom is sanitary. There isn’t all that much you can do wrong, right?

If only things were so simple! Like many everyday activities, housework is full of little details that are easy to miss or get wrong. Over time, these mistakes can turn into bad cleaning habits that are hard to break. 

This not only makes keeping your home hygienic and dirt-free more difficult, it can also damage your possessions and even endanger your and your family’s health. Read on to learn more about these bad cleaning habits and what you can do about them. If you’d like to further improve the efficiency of your cleaning routine, you can always count on professional house cleaning in Burbank to deliver top-tier results.

How can I improve my cleaning habits?

Eliminating bad cleaning habits is a great way to make your cleaning more efficient. In addition to providing you with a healthier home, this will also make your extensive spring cleanings a lot less time-consuming

Here are 4 common negative cleaning habits:

1. Not cleaning your curtains

Almost all curtains are made of some sort of fabric. As such, they’re prone to attracting dust and absorbing odors. Over time, this will make them look and feel dingy, and may even cause them to accumulate toxins and allergens. 

While regular vacuuming will help control the problem (to a degree), you should still launder your curtains (if the material allows it) once every 6 months or so, or take them to a professional curtain cleaning service. 

2. Using expired cleaning supplies

While factory-made cleaning chemicals tend to last a long time, it’s still a good idea to check the expiration dates on the bottle every now and then. Doing so is especially important if you use eco-friendly products or homemade cleaning solutions. 

Typical expiry dates for food-grade green cleaning products include: 

– Baking soda: 6 months in an opened package and 2 years in an unopened one

– Distilled white vinegar: indefinite

– Rubbing alcohol: 2-3 years

– Lemon: 3-4 weeks in the fridge

– Hydrogen peroxide: 3 years in an unopened package and 1-6 months in an opened one

3. Letting the interior of your appliances get dingy

Dirty microwaves, fridges, and ovens not only look gross, they can also contaminate any food that is being prepared or stored inside them. Same goes for any kitchen cabinets that contain food or eating utensils.

You should clean the interior of your oven and microwave once every few months (or even more often than that, depending on how much you use these appliances). Furthermore, any spills inside your fridge should be taken care of immediately.

4. Not cleaning your equipment

Not cleaning the interior of your vacuum cleaner or removing built-up detergent residue from your washing machine will automatically make any cleaning you do with them less effective, and may even spread dirt through your home. 

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