Professional Home Cleaning Checklist: How to Clean Efficiently

What should you clean first in houseHouse cleaning in Silver Lake is something we all have to do on a regular basis. So it’s no surprise that many people are interested in efficient house cleaning checklists that can help them clean their homes more effectively.

In this article, we’ll answer a few common home cleaning questions, such as if you have to clean your home every day, and what the best way to make cleaning easy is.

Keep reading to learn a few tips and tricks for professional home cleaning that will surely make your chores that much easier.

Is it better to clean one room at a time?

Short answer: it totally is. Long answer: the last thing you want to do is carry around a heavy basket full of cleaning products more than you absolutely need to. By focusing on one room until it’s 100% clean, you’ll spend less energy and make the cleaning feel that much more rewarding.

Just remember to do the rooms in a logical order. If your toilet is adjacent to your living room, which is in turn adjacent to the hallway, which leads to the kitchen, don’t clean the hallway first, and then the toilet, and then the kitchen, and so on.

The time you save this way can be better used doing the things you love. For instance, you’ll have more time to enjoy a warm day at a park, or to visit the beautiful Canfield-Moreno Estate with your friends and family.

What should you clean first in house?

No two homes are quite the same, so there’s no universal answer to this question. That being said, it’s never a bad idea to focus on the areas that are used most often, such as the living room, the kitchen, and the bathroom.

Another great approach is to start with the messiest room in the house, and work your way from there. By doing it like this, you’ll be making sure your cleaning gets progressively easier as you go along, which makes the entire process feel less tiring and frustrating.

Just remember to use cleaning products that observe all the necessary regulations, such as the California Right to Know Act, in order to prevent using potentially dangerous supplies. If you’re unsure about this, it’s a good idea to contact a reputable cleaning company and ask them for pointers.

Is it better to dust or vacuum first? Is it better to clean one room at a time

It’s better to dust first. Why, you ask? Many career maids subscribe to a top-to-bottom cleaning approach that dictates that you dust and scrub the highest areas first, and then gradually work your way to the lowest shelves.

By doing it this way, you’re automatically causing bits of dirt and dust to fall to the floor or the carpet. Then, when you vacuum at the end of the cleaning, you’ll automatically clean the stuff that has fallen from the higher areas.

The benefits of this strategy are clear. You end up getting a lot more done with your vacuuming than you would have if you vacuumed at the beginning of the cleaning. In fact, the top-to-bottom approach is probably the second best piece of cleaning advice anyone can ever give you.

Where can you find outstanding house cleaning in Silver Lake?

If top-to-bottom is the second best piece of cleaning advice, then what’s the best one? We’re glad you asked. The surest way to ensure you have a pristine home that has been cleaned using safe cleaning products is to outsource your cleaning to a trusted cleaning company like Maid This.

The cleaners we team up with have all been thoroughly screened to ascertain maximum trustworthiness and reliability. Reach out to us today or book a cleaning online. Your home will be spotless in no time.

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