4 Ways to Make More Money As an Airbnb Host in 2021

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It’s clear that travel looks far different at the start of 2021 than it did at the beginning of 2020. With the global pandemic shifting travel patterns and guest behaviors around the world, hosts can’t rely on the same old strategies if they want to see continued success.

A savvy host, however, can use this time to build up his/her business and take advantage of new opportunities. Here are four ways you can breathe new life into your Airbnb business and make more money from hosting in 2021.

1. Re-optimize your listing

At the beginning of the year, it’s always a good idea to revisit your listing and improve your optimization. Replace low-quality photos with better ones, break up big chunks of text to make your listing easier to skim, and be sure to include keywords in your title that will make potential guests want to click.

If you haven’t already, now is a great time to add information about your cleaning process to your description. Guests want to feel safe while booking, and they’re more likely to choose a host who is taking the concerns of guests seriously.

2. Improve your communication

In this day and age, travelers are more cautious than ever when booking their travel. There are more questions than usual to ask before booking, such as whether you offer contactless checkin or if local attractions are open.

It’s important to improve your communication and reply to any messages as quickly as possible. A delay can mean losing out on a potential guest to one of your competitors. Set up alerts on your phone so you’re notified the second a message comes through and you’ll be able to respond right away.

3. Know the local scene

As mentioned above, there’s more uncertainty than usual when it comes to travel during the global pandemic. Local restrictions and regulations can change week to week, leaving travelers wondering if their plans will pan out.

You can make the process easier for your potential guests by keeping your listing up to date with all of the important information they’ll need about your area, such as whether restaurants are open and what attractions they can experience while they’re there. You can win over more guests simply by making the booking process as convenient as possible.

4. Offer online experiences

Airbnb has recently launched “online experiences” as a way to help hosts make money even if visitors aren’t traveling as much as they used to. These experiences allow hosts to capitalize on their talents by filming video classes or experiences that anyone can pay to watch.

These can range from meditation lessons to tarot readings to escape rooms—the possibilities are endless! If you have a knack for cooking or a passion for yoga, you can share it with the world while opening a stream of passive income for when the travel season dies down.

Although it’s certainly a challenge to adapt to the shifting travel landscape that 2021 has to offer, a savvy host can still find success. By thinking outside the box and simplifying the process for your guests, you can ensure that your business stays active, no matter the news.

This article originally appeared in our twice-monthly Guest Book newsletter.

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