7 Steps to Making a Cozy Remote Workspace

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remote workAs remote work becomes more and more standard in a post-Covid-19 world, Airbnb guests will be looking for spaces that they can be productive and comfortable in while they do that remote work.  We’ve picked out the most important items to make a cozy remote workspace for your guests that’ll leave them raving in the reviews.

A Good Chair

Someone is going to be sitting in that chair for several hours, so a standard folding chair isn’t going to cut it.  It doesn’t mean you have to get a Herman Miller Aeron chair (though, that would be pretty sweet), but it does mean that the chair should be comfortable for all-day usage.  Great office chairs help you stay alert while keeping you comfortable.  

Natural Light

No one wants to work in a basement.  Make sure there is some natural light that illuminates the workspace.  This keeps eyes relaxed but also gives people something to see out their window during moments of their day, which can be nice.  Make sure that you’ve also got excellent artificial lighting as well, when those overcast days won’t be able to deliver much natural light.


You’ve heard all the studies by now: plants can reduce stress and increase productivity.  That’s true.  But it also makes your space more appealing and plants literally clean the air.  No one is saying you need to make the workspace into a botanical garden: even one plant would be a game changer.

Desk Options

While you may like sitting at a desk there are a growing number of people who like to stand while working.  You can get an adjustable desk that allows for sitting or standing positions, or you can get a stand that creates a standing desk platform should someone prefer that.  It’s a nice extra option and shows your guests that you’ve thought through their needs.


While most remote workers are pretty good about bringing what they need with them, there are always odds and ends that would be nice to have: pencils, pens, scratch paper, paper clips, a stapler, post-it notes, etc.  Have those neatly arranged in a convenient spot for your guests to use and keep it stocked.


Remember those corny “motivational” posters from the 1990s?  Yeah, don’t buy one of those.  You might have a wonderful large scale photo from one of your trips or a print or work of art that really resonates with you.  Just keep in mind that this is something that will be by a work area, so it should be something that allows someone to “drift away” for a moment without distracting them too much.

Blazing Fast Internet

“Fast” internet depends less on what your connection is than on how many people are using it.  If you’re around at the same time as your guest and you are going to be working as well, you would do well to be north of 50 Mbps.  If you won’t be around during the workday or your guest is at a property you’re not resident in, make sure they have at least 25 Mbps.  This will allow them to connect multiple devices and not experience any lag.  Pro tip: take a screenshot of your speed test and put it as a photo in your listing.  People looking for remote workspaces will appreciate it (and book right away).

This article originally appeared in our Guest Book newsletter.

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