Best STR Apps to Help You Manage Your Property

best STR apps

Managing your vacation rental property has never been easier, thanks to a range of specialized apps designed to streamline your operations and enhance your guests’ experience. 

There are several to choose from, and here we’ll break down our favorite options for short-term rental hosts who are looking to take their hosting game to the next level. 

1. Guesty

Standout feature: Top-notch automation

Designed with hosts in mind, Guesty is a centralized hub for managing guest communication, automated turnover tasks, and seamless integration with multiple booking platforms. 

Its user-friendly dashboard keeps your reservations and revenue in check, making it an essential tool for hosts looking to streamline operations.

2. AirDNA

Standout feature: Helps with data-driven decision-making

As you move further along on your short-term rental hosting journey, you’ll discover that knowledge is power. AirDNA provides hosts with valuable analytics and market insights, which will empower you to make informed decisions about your rental. 

From competitive pricing analysis to demand forecasting, this app ensures your property stays ahead in the market. 

3. Beyond

Standout feature: Provides dynamic pricing strategies

Say goodbye to the guesswork of setting rates manually — Beyond automates adjustments based on market demand, all while integrating seamlessly with property management systems. 

Users worldwide have enjoyed increased revenue by adopting dynamic pricing strategies, proving that this app is a must-have tool for any serious host.

4. Hostaway

Standout feature: Easy multi-channel integration

This app goes beyond automated messaging and guest communication and offers multi-calendar synchronization and efficient task management. 

Hostaway’s comprehensive features help hosts manage reservations seamlessly and enhance the overall guest experience. Both will improve guest satisfaction and make the hosting experience more seamless and enjoyable.

5. NoiseAware

Standout feature: Proactive noise-monitoring

NoiseAware is a smart noise-monitoring app designed to keep your neighbors and guests happy. It uses innovative technology to detect noise levels, allowing hosts to address potential disturbances proactively.

You’ll have better relationships with your neighbors and a reduction in noise-related issues, which will ensure a peaceful and enjoyable environment for everyone.

6. YourWelcome

Standout feature: Modern take on welcome packets

YourWelcome offers a range of features, including in-depth local recommendations, check-in instructions, and personalized messages, all available via a tablet. You can think of it like the welcome packet of the 21st century. 

Hosts who have embraced YourWelcome find that it adds a personal touch to their properties, increasing guest satisfaction and positive reviews.

7. Operto

Standout feature: Intelligent home automation

Operto is all about smart home automation. It seamlessly integrates with smart devices in your STR property, which makes asynchronous check-in and checkout easier than ever — among other things.

From keyless entry and climate control to noise monitors, Operto allows hosts to create a modern and convenient stay for their guests. 

8. Hospitable

Standout feature: Easy direct booking website builder

Hospitable offers several solutions for vacation rental hosts, but one that stands out the most is its easy direct booking website builder. Long-time readers of the blog know that we are big proponents of creating your own website to attract more bookings. 

You’ll be able to establish a direct connection with guests, get your property in front of more eyes, and reduce your dependency on third-party platforms.

Whether you’re a seasoned host or just starting out, incorporating these apps into your toolkit will help you manage your short-term rental property like a pro! 

This content originally appeared in our twice-monthly Guest Book Newsletter.

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