Keywords You Need in Your Vacation Rental Listing

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We all understand the power of keywords. We use them all the time whether we are researching, buying, or just trying to settle an argument about who’s right about which guy was in that one movie. Put those instincts to good use by optimizing the keywords you use in your vacation rental listing.

Every listing is different, but we will offer a variety of types of keywords you can use to make sure your listing shows up at the top of the results, giving you a better chance to win the business.

Location Location Location

If you’ve got a great location, flaunt it. This can be for the city or the country crowd.

City Keywords

Think “downtown” generically, or if your location is even more specific and known, even better. Think “Upper East Side” or “Gaslamp” or “Lafayette Park.”

Country Keywords

The same applies to the country, general is good, like “creek” or “river” or “lake” or “beach” but if you’ve got a more specific one, even better. Examples include “Lake Michigan” or “Corona del Mar beachfront,” etc.

Type of Building

Airbnb has recently launched a new version of their app that really leans into the luxurious as well as the quirky and unusual. If you happen to have a castle or submarine or treehouse or tiny home or Airstream, you’d be foolish not to flaunt it.

But for those who don’t have those (awesome) possibilities, simple ones like “cabin” or “historic” or “traditional” or even “condo” will do. 

Notice that in all these cases we are helping users with specific needs find your specific place.


Is your place “cozy” or “minimalist” or “quiet” or “calm”?

Is it “great for workers” or “perfect for digital nomads”?

If your place is seasonal, make sure you’re using “summer” or “winter” or “great for fall colors.”


If you’re “pet friendly” or “family friendly” you’re really missing out if this isn’t mentioned in the title of your listing. 

If you have a pool, jacuzzi, or sauna, particularly if it’s for private use, don’t miss a chance to brag about that.

Time Stays

If you prefer people to stay “weekly” or “monthly” that’s worth mentioning as well, or even “long stay” if you’re open to customized arrangements.


Avoid overused words like “amazing” and “spectacular.” If your listing has specifically what the guest is looking for, they will use words like that when writing a review for you.

Remember that hotels and companies spend a crazy amount of money to optimize keywords for their listings, but you’re not having to manage tens of thousands of properties, and you can use your on-the-ground knowledge to make these keywords not just authentic, but ones that will win you more guests and more revenue.

This content originally appeared in our twice-monthly Guest Book Newsletter.

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