Knock Out a Deep Clean This Fall

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Of course everybody associates “deep cleans” with “spring cleaning” but there’s no need to burden one particular season with deep cleaning, and if you do a deep clean in the Fall, it means the one in the Spring won’t be as bad.  While every listing has its own particular nooks and crannies, we wanted to offer some general things to keep in mind as you put together a deep clean this Fall, starting with the places that get the most attention from guests when it comes to cleanliness.


While our MaidThis cleaners love to deliver that hotel-clean look for every part of the house, including the kitchen, there are spots you simply can’t get to on every single regular turnovers.  Think of:

  • Underneath the fridge and/or freezer (moving it out of its regular position and mopping and cleaning underneath)
  • Crumbs inside the toaster (not just wiping down the outside but emptying the toaster of all those crumbs)
  • Descaling a hot water kettle (this can build up slowly or quickly depending on the water in your location)

In general you need to think about every place that dust, dirt, or crumbs can gather and send them packing.  This includes drawers and cupboards, as well as the oven, hood, and microwave.  Think about power washing the bottom of any trash cans you have.

Also make sure to give away/throw away food.  While it’s good to leave some left-behind pasta or some canned goods for the next guest, at some point it looks messy and odd.  If you don’t need or want what’s left, donate them to a local food bank.  There are people who will use them.


The bathroom offers targeted cleaning: there aren’t as many appliances here as in the kitchen.  You’ll want to:

  • Clean the exhaust fan
  • Dust the cupboards
  • Clean the shower caddy, if you have one
  • Scrub those tiles, particularly the grout

Pro tip: Use a blacklight near your toilet to see if there’s any spots you missed.

Other Areas

What’s the enemy of a clean listing that just keeps accumulating over time?  Dust.  It’s everywhere.  Here are just a few places you want to look:

  • Frames
  • Ceiling fans
  • The tops of shelves
  • Light fixtures and lamps
  • Window sills

Look for marks on walls and/or doors and hit them with sugar soap or magic erasers.

As you did with the fridge in the kitchen, move furniture, beds, shelves and vacuum/mop underneath.

Scrub those hard to reach corners and send those cobwebs packing!


If you have a deck, this should be power washed when appropriate.

Any furniture, gutters, mats, or fly screens should also get your attention.  Fly screens can have their edges brushed with a dustpan brush.

As with inside, make sure to target those cobwebs as well.  

Part of why MaidThis exists is the fact that guests so value a clean listing.  It’s one of the very first things on their mind when they step into your place.  Knocking out a deep clean this Fall is only going to make your listing shine that much more, and ensure great reviews and with those great reviews, strong revenue.

This content originally appeared in our twice-monthly Guest Book Newsletter.

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