Helpful Tools to Make Property Turnovers Easier

Running a successful short-term vacation rental has its share of ups and downs. Helping others have the getaway of a lifetime, enjoy a fun weekend away, or explore a new city could certainly be considered the “ups.” Inconsiderate neighbors, nasty reviews, and late guests are just a few of the “downs.” Generally, the ups outweigh the downs, which is why we’re still here, helping Airbnb hosts make the most of their short-term rental property!

Another one of the key challenges hosts face is managing property turnovers. The turnover process can be time-consuming and demanding whether you welcome new guests every few days or between longer stays. Trust us…we’ve been there.

But, with the right tools and strategies in place, you can streamline the entire process and make it a breeze. Below you’ll find some helpful tools and tips tailored to STR hosts to make property turnovers easier.

Tools for Managing Bookings

Let’s begin at the beginning. Managing your bookings effectively is crucial for smooth turnovers. You’re already a step ahead if you use online booking platforms and management software like Airbnb or VRBO. You may also consider syncing your booking calendars with a third-party service like Guesty or Hostaway. Your reservations will all be in one place, you can easily communicate with guests, and even automate tasks like sending check-in instructions and reminders.

When everything is connected across platforms you won’t have to worry about double-booking, and you’ll be able to keep better track of upcoming turnovers. Automated messaging systems can save you time by sending pre-written messages to guests at key points, like after booking confirmation or before check-out, ensuring they have all the necessary information.

Smart Locks and Keyless Entry Systems

If you’ve booked a property on Airbnb yourself lately, you know that long gone are the days of exchanging keys with guests in person. While we’re a little nostalgic for the in-person key exchanges of yesteryear, we can appreciate the upside of smart locks and keyless entry systems: no more waiting around until all hours of the night for late guests. Additionally, you never have to worry about missing keys!

Brands like August, Schlage, and Yale boast a range of options that are compatible with Airbnb, allowing guests to check in remotely using apps on their phones or unique codes. 

Hire Professional Cleaners

Hiring a professional cleaning team (like us!) can save you time and guarantee that your property is in tip-top condition after one guest leaves and before the next one checks in. You can easily connect your booking calendar to our software so your Airbnb cleaning is automatically scheduled for you after each guest’s check-out.

All of our cleaners have experience with short-term rentals, and will even report low supplies or any damage. It’s a great option for hosts with out-of-town or even out-of-state properties.

Keep Cleaning Supplies Well-Stocked

Most professional cleaners will come with their own supplies, but it’s never a bad idea to have cleaning products at your short-term rental property. 

Stock up on essentials like multipurpose cleaners, disinfectants, microfiber cloths, and a vacuum cleaner. You’ll also want to make sure that you have a basic tool kit, light bulbs, and batteries for minor repairs and upkeep. That way, you’re always prepared for turnovers — and you won’t have to worry about running out to the store.

Organization and Storage Solutions

Ample organization and storage solutions are key to keeping your property tidy between guests. There’s no denying that some folks are messier than others (no judgment), but having storage bins, baskets, and shelving to keep things organized may help encourage them to clean up. You should also keep any cleaning supplies neatly stowed away so that your cleaning team can access them easily.

A well-organized property looks inviting to guests and makes turnovers smoother and more efficient!

Guest Feedback Matters

Guest feedback is so essential. It tells you what’s working and what’s not — you may have a bunch of bright ideas for your STR property, but if none of them resonate with your guests then it doesn’t make much sense to pursue them!

Encourage your guests to leave reviews after their stay and take their feedback seriously. Then, consider implementing changes based on their suggestions. This could include upgrading amenities, adjusting your check-in process, or addressing any other concerns. When you show previous bookings how much you care, you’ll attract future ones.

When it comes to STR property turnovers, the right tools can make all the difference. From booking management software and smart locks to professional cleaners, investing in the right ones can streamline your processes, save you time, and garner more 5-star reviews. Paying attention to the little things can make a big difference!

This content originally appeared in our twice-monthly Guest Book newsletter.

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