Some Inspiring Vacation Rentals

inspiring vacation rentals

While many guests use vacation rentals as alternatives to hotels, giving them bigger living areas, the chance to cook, and access to outdoor spaces, some vacation rentals go way above and beyond, becoming destinations on their own. Not everyone wants to go to these sorts of Airbnbs, but they are fun to look at and maybe take some inspiration from for our own listings.

Trees and Waterside

Ever wanted to take the fun you had in treehouses as a kid and wave a wand and make them places you could stay as an adult? There are lots of these on the vacation rental websites, but this one in Alabama is particularly charming. It’s a one-bedroom with Edison lighting, natural wood finishes, and multiple decks and outdoor areas. It’s on 40 acres of forest land and has hiking trails with waterfalls and a lake with boats and kayaks for rental all within a ten minute drive. Even better? The host has a 4.99 rating.

If you prefer to be steps from the ocean instead of steps from hikes, this seaside studio in Oregon might be perfect for you. You’ve got access to a pool and hot tub if you don’t want to take the 116 steps to the beach. But you’re also in the heart of the Nye Beach District, packed with nightlife, cafes, shopping, and seafood joints. Be in the heart of the action or away in your retreat. You choose. Once again, very high level 4.9+ ratings for the host.

Further up the coast in Washington you’ll find this riverfront cabin just an hour outside of Seattle. It has a fruit orchard on the property in addition to lovely views of mountains, access to hiking trails and swimming holes and, of course, the opportunity to fish in the river if that’s something you enjoy.

Trying Tiny

Ever wondered what it would be like to live in a tiny home? You can test drive with many, many options. Here are a few fun ones we liked:

Off the Grid

An off-the-grid home may conjure up images of a zombie apocalypse and pantries full of canned food, but what if you knew of one of these homes that had wifi, washing machines, flatscreen TVs, and streaming available? There are more than a few, but this solar-powered adobe studio in New Mexico has gotten rave reviews. Here’s one: Getting to stay there to watch the sun come into the room, and then seeing the sun leave at the end of the day, and then getting to see the bath of stars in the sky each night – was a true gift. If you’re interested in trying off-the-grid living — when someone has done all the work for you already — you’ll find this earthship about ten minutes north of Taos.

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