The 5 Best Blogs for Short Term Rental Hosts

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As a short-term rental host, it’s important to stay up to date on the latest industry news. It can also be helpful to read about what other hosts experience as well as what they’re doing to improve their properties. A little bit of inspiration can go a long way. 

The Airbnb Blog

The official Airbnb Blog is a great place to start. It features several different types of articles on subjects including industry news and trends, hosting tips, how to create experiences, stories from other Airbnb hosts, and more.

It’s also a helpful blog to follow if you want to stay up to date on the happenings of Airbnb itself. When the company decided to go public in 2020, one of the first places we heard about it was via their blog. 

Why we read it: To stay informed about the latest in Airbnb news straight from the source.


Lodgify is one of our go-to’s. It’s a short-term rental and vacation property management software company. Their blog features articles filled with up-to-date information about what’s going on with Airbnb, marketing tips for your property, how to stay one step ahead of your competition, and the like. 

The blog boasts several different how-tos and best practice articles. Wondering what to do about garbage removal? Or, what about what to include in your check-out instructions? You’ll find the answers and so much more over on Lodgify’s blog.

Why we read it: For the best tips on how to market your Airbnb property. 

AirHost Academy

Up next is AirHost Academy, a blog whose mission is “making life for hosts better.” Their slogan really says it all – the website was founded in 2017 by an Airbnb host named Kevin Kelsey who wanted to help out other hosts. Today AirHost Academy is also an online community with over 55,000 hosts all over the world. You can join the community via Facebook.

If you want to become a Superhost you’re going to want to check out this site. There are articles about everything from the best gifts to give your guests to which kitchen accessories you should splurge on. 

Why we read it: For its straightforward and helpful advice. 

Beyond Pricing 

Beyond Pricing, known to some as simply Beyond, is a revenue management platform. They began by helping rental property managers determine dynamic pricing for their properties. Now, the platform also offers help in listing your property on multiple sites (including Airbnb), assistance in building your own direct booking website, and insights into your property’s performance.

Their blog features stories from other hosts, case studies of people who use their services, and industry news. It also has articles centered on dynamic pricing and what that means for hosts.

Why we read it: To learn more about the financial and analytical side of running a short-term rental.


AirDNA is another blog for hosts who are interested in the data and analytics involved in short-term property management. You can use their site to determine the best place to invest in a property, see what other hosts in the area are charging, and find insights into how the industry itself is evolving. 

Their blog has articles on the subjects above and they also have a “Market Review” series that does a great job of summarizing what’s going on in different short-term vacation rental sectors across the globe. 

Why we read it: To stay up-to-date on market and industry trends. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re just getting started and aren’t sure where to begin, or if you’re a seasoned host who’s more interested in seeing what others are doing to make their listings stand out. Head to any of the blogs above for the best in Airbnb tips and tricks.

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