Is It Still Worth Becoming a Superhost?

should i become an airbnb superhost?

Since the program launched in 2009, there’s been much debate in the Airbnb community about whether it’s worth becoming a Superhost. While the vacation rental market is more saturated than ever, the fact remains that Superhosts see significant benefits to this day. 

If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a Superhost, here’s what you need to know. 


What Is a Superhost?

A Superhost, as the name suggests, is the highest tier of hosts on Airbnb. These are the top performers who consistently deliver on quality and rent their property (or in some cases, properties) for a significant amount of time throughout the year. It’s also worth mentioning that though Superhosts can be hosts of Airbnb Plus listings, they do not necessarily go hand-in-hand. 

There are a few benefits to becoming a Superhost. For one, Airbnb prioritizes Superhosts and features their rental properties in newsletters and searches, allowing them to reach a wider audience and ultimately make more money. 

Guests can also choose to limit their searches to Superhosts, which especially appeals to travelers worried about falling victim to a scam. The Superhost badge lends you more credibility so potential guests will feel more at ease while booking. As a Superhost, you also have access to priority customer support that allows you to get help faster when you need it. 

Finally, there are a few additional bonuses, such as an extra 20% to your referral bonus and a $100 travel coupon after each year of Superhost status. And of course, you’ll have the coveted Superhost badge featured on your profile. 


How to Become a Superhost

The requirements for becoming a Superhost have changed a few times since the program’s initial launch. According to the Airbnb website, here are the current requirements for becoming a Superhost:

  • 90% or higher response rate
  • Cancellation rate of 1% or lower, except in the event of extenuating circumstances
  • Overall rating of 4.8 or higher in the past year
  • At least 10 trips or 3 reservations that total at least 100 nights


You’ll automatically be granted Superhost status once you meet all of the requirements, no application required. However, this is more difficult in practice than it looks on paper. The high response rate means you’ll need to reply to over 90% of inquiries within 24 hours, which can be difficult if you have another job in addition to your rental business. 

You’ll also need to make sure your rental property is immaculately clean and that you go above and beyond in your customer service. This can mean offering additional amenities, answering questions immediately, providing a guest care package, and more. The work required pays off in increased bookings and more revenue, especially in desirable vacation destinations. 


While you can certainly make money on Airbnb without becoming a Superhost, the flashy badge and recognition certainly give your listing a boost. If you only rent your property on occasion, you might not hit enough bookings to meet the requirements. 

Ultimately, if you have the time and dedication needed to pursue Superhost status, you’ll see it pay off in higher profits. Despite the fact that there are more Superhosts now than ever before, serious hosts still benefit from the added perks. 


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