6 Side Hustle Ideas

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More than ever the term “side hustle” is in the mainstream. Everyone has someone in their network that is doing something on the side that makes some money. This might have been on your radar for some time but perhaps you haven’t had a chance to brainstorm about what might make sense for you. So, we’ve taken the time to collect a few of the many ideas floating out there into six possible side hustles for you.


It’s one of the most popular ideas out there because many people already have the “infrastructure” necessary: a vehicle. There are numerous delivery options:

  • “Human” delivery for platforms like Uber or Lyft
  • Food delivery for platforms like Uber Eats or Door Dash
  • Package delivery for companies like Amazon

Something many of those involved in this side hustle is the ability to be “on” or “off” when it suits them.

Photographer or Event Planner

Something that requires more specialized “infrastructure” is photography, but it’s something that can be niched with something you might really love.

For example, drone photography is taking off in a really big way, for lots of different use cases that people may not have imagined before, including tours of real estate.

Photographers are also in demand by event planners, a side hustle that may require no additional infrastructure than a solid list of contacts or a willingness to develop one.

As with photography, niches in event planning are the way to go. Rather than trying to be all things to all people, maybe you only take care of planning events for primary schools or churches.


Platforms like VIPKid apply the on-demand model, but to teaching. Want to help teach some people English, during a specific time window? Sign up!

If you prefer working in real-life, platforms like Craigslist can let you advertise your availability and rates for local customers: teaching a language or a skill or perhaps even a seminar on specific subjects. There’s no limitation on the possibilities, as long as it’s something you know well and would love to share with others.


Instead of using an online platform to connect with those in real life, you can also go the other way, collect real-life items to sell online.

People often go to garage sales and thrift shops armed with smartphones to find out what items they buy can then be flipped online for a markup.

Those who enjoy finding a bargain often also enjoy the “bargain” of buying something for $10 and selling it for $100.

Baked Goods

People love baked goods and as we mentioned before, there’s the ability to niche, especially in a particular type of baked good that isn’t so available in your area. You can become the new spot for peanut butter cup brownies or kouign amanns (trust us on these!).


Fiverr is an example of a platform that allows people to pitch any skill they want to a market that wants to employ them. Things you might not realize people would pay for:

  • Proofreading a resume or term paper
  • Drawing cartoons (for anything you need)
  • Creating memes for social media (seriously!)

As we’ve said with other examples of side hustles…brainstorm! There’s so many possibilities to consider. Everyone has something neat to share with the world.

This content originally appeared in our monthly Open Calendar Club newsletter.

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