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  • Pricing that makes complete sense
  • Ability to schedule and cancel cleaning services anytime
  • Cleaners who are ranked at the very top
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  • Simplified housekeeping services with automated scheduling
  • All reporting is in your control
  • Cleaners are guaranteed to arrive at property

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What Clients Are Saying

20+ Saved hours

Gus, Residential Customer

“Using the platform was super simple. I’ve used my cleaners five times now, and the one time I did have to reschedule it was super easy, hassle-free. It’s really simple, it’s easy, and they’ve done great job.”

25+ Saved hours

Jordan, Residential Customer

“My wife and I are thrilled how easy everything is with MaidThis, and now I’m a customer for life! If you don’t want to go through the hassle of finding your own cleaner, definitely try MaidThis”

70+ Saved hours

Suzy, Residential Customer

“I work a full-time job and I have a small kids at home, so by the time I get home the LAST thing I want to do is clean. If you need to save time, I recommend going through MaidThis. Their customer system was amazing.”

90+ Saved hours

Brent, Airbnb Host

“At first I tried to take care of all of the cleaning process myself, and it turned out to be a bigger headache than anything else. So a friend told me about MaidThis and its been fantastic. I’ve been working with my cleaners for a few months so far. I recommend you check out the service for yourself.”

90+ Saved hours

Laura G, Airbnb Host

“I definitely think that as a company we’ve been able to make more money, not only because we’re saving money by using Maid This, but also because they’re helping take a few of the necessary evils with doing vacation rentals off of the property managers plate.”

House cleaning or vacation rental/Airbnb cleaning services
Maid service in Boston, Massachusetts

Our 3-step process leaves nothing to chance

The MaidThis process is carefully coordinated to leave no room for error. We take 3 simple steps to ensure you love the results of your house or vacation rental cleaning services in Boston.

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Schedule swiftly & effortlessly

Getting in touch with us is a breeze. Simply use our effortless online booking system or give us a call to schedule your cleaning appointment.

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Sit back while your crew cleans

Your qualified maids will arrive at your address fully equipped with quality tools and ready to tackle any cleaning challenge.

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Take pride in a hygienic home

Reap the benefits of thorough cleaning services in Boston, from a healthy environment to elevated looks and better Airbnb profit.

Boston housekeeping service

Your maids are carefully vetted

Only the top 2% of the candidates pass the stringent vetting process at MaidThis Boston.


Application submission

We kick off our stringent vetting process by giving candidates an online test to determine if they have the chops to become a part of MaidThis.


Phone interview

The local maid applicants with the highest scores take part in an in-depth phone interview where we get a chance to learn more about them.


Live interview

The professional cleaners who make it through the initial rounds are called in for an in-person interview to have a chat with our team.


Orientation process

Our operations team takes it from here, instructing the best candidates on our company policies and specific cleaning requirements for homes or Airbnbs.


Background checking

Finally, we conduct a careful background check to make sure that the local maids we select is the right match for our brand.

What MaidThis Boston brings to the table

It only takes a minute to book

We’d hate to waste your precious time. This is why we’ve developed a user-friendly booking platform. You can also reach our responsive team via telephone.

We prioritize your happiness

Your satisfaction is our guiding principle. If any aspect of your house or Airbnb cleaning service in Boston isn’t to your taste, let us know and receive a free re-clean.

Hand-picked cleaning experts

Our company uses a detailed 5-stage recruitment process to pick out the most skilled, highly experienced, and totally trustworthy maids in the Boston area.

Handle rescheduling with ease

Whether you need to cancel, move, or schedule your house or vacation rental cleaning appointment, our user-friendly online system is at your disposal.

We’d like to hear back from you

Get back to us with your feedback or any suggestions you may have. We value the input our customers give us because it helps us fine-tune our cleaning services.

Billing & payment is 100% safe

We’ll only charge you once we’re sure that your expectations are met. Our billing and payment process is secure and easy to follow, minimizing inconveniences.

Cleaning services in Boston, Massachusetts

Frequently Asked Questions

What should a house cleaner clean?

A basic house cleaning service generally includes the essential cleaning tasks that maintain a home in a healthy and hygienic condition. Some of the most common duties that such a cleaning package encompasses are:

  • Taking out the trash
  • Dusting various surfaces
  • Wet wiping surfaces
  • Vacuuming and mopping floors
  • Kitchen cleaning (wiping the sink, countertops, backsplash, appliances on the outside, lights, and more)
  • Bathroom cleaning (the toilet, shower/tub, vanity, and other surfaces)
  • Changing bed linen

Reach out to MaidThis Boston to explore our detailed and adjustable house, Airbnb, and vacation rental cleaning options.

How do you prepare for a cleaning lady?

There’s not much you need to do before the maid sent out by MaidThis Boston arrives. The best cleaning companies even bring their own cleaning supplies, so you don’t even have to worry about them. However, there is something you could do to help your cleaner achieve the desired results as quickly and smoothly as possible: do some light tidying before their arrival.

For example, if there are any items, such as children’s toys, lying around, put them away. This will give your cleaner easy access to the areas they have to clean and allow them to move around more easily.

Do you tip a house cleaner?

It is by no means necessary to tip your cleaning lady. However, if you love their work and wish to show your appreciation, it is a welcome gesture. The amount is also totally up to you, of course. This token of gratitude is typically greatly appreciated by cleaners and the chances are that they’ll be additionally motivated to perform when they come back to clean your home next time.

Although tips are never a requirement at MaidThis Boston, we are very pleased to see that our clients think highly of the work their cleaners do. Contact us to request your free quote and schedule your maid service in Boston hassle-free.

How can I make Airbnb and vacation rental cleaning easier and faster?

With guests coming and going all the time, it’s usually difficult for Airbnb hosts and vacation rental owners to keep up with the cleaning routine. However, if you don’t, it could cost you your 5-star rating and you may even get a poor review for the whole world to see. It is never a good idea to ignore this part of your hosting experience, so is there a way to facilitate it and speed it up?

Hiring a reputable vacation rental and Airbnb cleaning service is Boston is your safest bet. Trained cleaning professionals have the skills, tools, and experience to perform all cleaning tasks properly and efficiently. At MaidThis Boston, arranging for your cleaning service is as easy as 1-2-3. It’ll only take a minute of your time and you’ll know that your property is ready to welcome guests!

How can I find a reliable house or Airbnb cleaning service in Boston?

Get tailored in-depth cleaning services across Boston’s neighborhoods by getting in touch with MaidThis Boston. Our team has a cleaning package to offer you whether you’re a busy homeowner, Airbnb host, or a vacation rental owner. It is our mission to bring you consistently excellent results and the ultimate convenience.

Reclaim your life by leaving all the exhausting cleaning to the expert maids we send out. If there’s anything about the service that doesn’t meet your demands, our 100% satisfaction guarantee will have you covered. Be at ease with MaidThis Boston as your #1 ally.