4 Ways Your Home is Making You Sick

The discovery of the germ theory and the crucial role good hygiene and having a tidy home plays in combating the spread of infectious diseases may be one of the most important scientific discoveries of all time. 

With the COVID-19 crisis still hanging over all of our heads, it’s easy to forget that countless other pathogens are still out there and that they’re just as nasty as they’ve always been. In fact, there are at least 4 ways common household items and features can make you sick or worsen your existing health conditions

So what are the main things you should look out for and how do you deal with them? Is regularly booking West Los Angeles cleaning services enough to keep your place germ-free, or are there other things you have to do? Keep reading to find out. 

Can living in a dusty house make you sick?

Can living in a dusty house make you sick

Absolutely. The average home gathers around 40 pounds of dust on a yearly basis, and dust tends to be full of microscopic dust mites that multiply extremely fast and can cause you to develop a variety of health problems, including severe allergies.

As if the mites weren’t bad enough, a recent study done by the George Washington University has determined that household dust often contains as many as 45 toxic chemicals that have been linked to various behavioral, respiratory, and neuro-developmental issues. 

How do you tell if your house is making you sick?

Most people tend to think of their homes as safe havens. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case, especially if these homes are not getting cleaned regularly or properly

Here are the top 4 ways your house can hurt your health: 

1. Your HVAC system could be full of microbes

When you use air conditioning to cool your place, the HVAC system often leaves tiny amounts of moisture inside the ducts, which facilitates bacteria and mold growth. To make matters worse, the AC then distributes these pathogens into the rest of your home. 

This can cause occupants to suffer from asthma, coughing, headaches, allergies, and more. That’s why it’s a good idea to regularly replace the filters on your HVAC system and have the ducts professionally cleaned at least once every few years. 

2. Your bathroom may be a hotbed for germs

Ask yourself: when did you last wash the mat in front of your shower or bathtub? If the answer is “more than a couple months ago”, you should put it in the laundry ASAP. These mats collect germs, mold, dust mites, and dirt like nobody’s business, so make sure to wash them frequently.

3. Unseen leaks facilitate mold growths

Leaky pipes or roofs, moisture buildup inside the walls, and other types of difficult-to-detect water damage can lead to mold infestations that can severely damage your health and property. Have your home examined by a certified mold inspector if you suspect you may have a mold infestation on your hands.

4. Some vacuum cleaners are problematic

If your vacuum cleaner doesn’t have a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter, it’s almost certainly expelling a portion of all the grime it sucks in right back into your home through the air exhaust at the back. Because of this, investing in a vacuum with a HEPA filter is highly advised.

Where can I book the finest West Los Angeles cleaning services?

How do you tell if your house is making you sick

Everyone knows you can’t stay healthy if you live in a less-than-clean home, but all too often work and other obligations make it difficult to find the time to clean. Luckily for you, MaidThis is here to help!

We specialize in matching our clients with the top cleaning experts in West Los Angeles. Book your cleaning today and take some much-needed relaxation time at the Stoner Recreation Center with your friends and family while the pros make your home sparkle.

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