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How Our Bedroom Cleaning Services Can Make a Difference

As professional room cleaners who can handle all your home cleaning responsibilities, MaidThis offers a full slate of cleaning services for bedrooms. These services include cleaning and decluttering bedrooms to leave them sparkling clean, organized, and smelling fresh. We can make a real difference in your life by handling these responsibilities on your behalf while you go about your busy day.

Our list of general cleaning services includes:

A deep home cleaning service for the bedroom and other areas of the home would include:

  • Organizing drawers and closets
  • Wall and light fixture cleaning
  • Cleaning windows and window coverings
  • Shampooing carpets and furniture cushions
  • Scrubbing all kitchen appliances inside, outside, and underneath

Long List of Satisfied Clients

Sarah Komjathy
Sarah Komjathy
I’ve used this service twice and have been pleased with the results. Thank you Andre!
Jennifer Ahsan
Jennifer Ahsan
Excellent and efficient service! Highly recommend
Taisha Husbands
Taisha Husbands
This was my first time using a professional cleaning service and I am so happy with the results!! Thank you to Kemo for being so detailed oriented, speedy, and professional!
Zee Indica
Zee Indica
So impressed with the cleaning standards particularly Ray he was outstanding, punctual and very thorough with his cleaning skills he done an absolutely fantastic job. I would most definitely recommend him he was quick efficient and very professional.
Christopher Bailey
Christopher Bailey
Kemo came to our place and did a fantastic job! My wife and I were working from home and with no interruptions got the job done. I'd recommend Kemo to anyone
Eve Spencer
Eve Spencer
Andre and Len helped me with the MOST incredibly thorough quotes out of the other great companies I talked to!!! Greatly greatly looking forward to our first cleaning!!
Janet Couste
Janet Couste
I have a new housekeeper. Summer started cleaning for me a couple weeks ago. She is a very good cleaner. She doesn’t have to be told what to do. She just pitches in and cleans. She is always on time.
David Galindo
David Galindo
I have used MaidThis for years now , to handle turnover cleanings at my short term rental. They have always been professional, responsive and reliable
Allesondra Helwig
Allesondra Helwig
I recently had my first cleaning with Onixi, and she was great. On time, very professional, came home to a clean home. She had great attention to detail and was thorough with all the tasks I asked from her. Looking forward to having her come back on a monthly basis. And, the Maid This service team has been very attentive to ensure customer satisfaction, which has been very appreciated.

Bringing Your Bedroom to Life

Of all of the rooms that exist in your home, it’s your bedroom that stands as your sanctuary. It’s the one place you can usually retreat to for peace, quiet, and privacy. Given the amount of time you spend there reading, listening to music, and sleeping, you probably want the room to feel clean and look organized. That’s how you create a bright and serene environment that is conducive to relaxing.

It’s worth noting that we do offer bedroom cleaning as part of our standard cleaning and deep cleaning packages. If by chance you want to hire us solely for the purpose of cleaning a bedroom, we can offer you an hourly rate for such a service. We can also schedule bedroom cleanings daily, weekly or monthly, depending on what works best for you.

List of Our Cleaning Services for Bedrooms

At MaidThis in Charlotte, we believe in transparency and full disclosure. With that in mind, we want to provide a list of the chores that our maids handle when cleaning bedrooms. That list includes:

Dusting and wiping walls, wall hangings, and baseboards

Cleaning light fixtures and ceiling fans

Dusting and polishing furniture (TVs, TV stands, desks, bookcases, bed frames and headboards, and mirrors)

Cleaning the floor (vacuuming carpets/sweeping, mopping and waxing of hard-floor surface)

Changing bed linens, making the bed

Organizing nightstands and desktops

Removing the trash

Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority

In the Charlotte community, we have earned a stellar reputation for delivering high-quality cleaning services tailored to your needs. Our maids passed the strict 5-Step Cleaner Screening Process to provide exceptional service that meets your standards. You can trust us to efficiently clean your bedroom, leaving it spotless and welcoming.

We understand that cost is a crucial factor. That’s why our pricing is always affordable, ensuring that you get value for your money. We back our services with a customer satisfaction guarantee, demonstrating our commitment to your happiness.

“This is exactly what I need! What should I do now?”

That’s great news, and we’ll be happy to start serving your needs. Scheduling your first room cleaning service is as easy as calling our office at 704-736-3798 or using our automated online scheduling system below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you clean a bedroom from top to bottom?

It’s best to start at the back of the bedroom and move towards the door. Cleaning walls (including wall hangings) and the ceiling should come first followed by dusting furniture and making the bed. When all the dirt is on the floor, cleaning the floor should be the last step.

What is the difference between a standard clean and a deep clean?

A standard cleaning process would include normal cleaning activities such as dusting and wiping furniture and walls, plus cleaning the floor. A deep cleaning process would entail getting at the dirt that’s hidden under furniture, plus uncluttering the closets and drawers.

How long does it take to clean a dirty bedroom?

Of course, the size of the room, the existing clutter, and the amount of furniture would have to be considered if offering a time estimate. In most cases, a standard bedroom can be thoroughly cleaned in about an hour or so.