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If you don’t have the time or energy for cleaning your dining room, it doesn’t have to be this way. Believe it or not, there’s a cleaning service that works with your needs while ensuring home safety. Also, MaidThis Charlotte is not only one of the highest-ranked cleaning services but affordable as well. Here are just some of what we cover in your dining area:

  • Cleaning or vacuuming floors
  • Dusting of decorations and furniture
  • Wiping down the ceiling fan or other fixtures

Even though we recommend cleaning the dining room at least once a week, we know this isn’t always possible. This is why we may suggest our convenient deep cleaning service. Often, clients prefer this upgraded service because it goes the extra distance to make spaces sanitary. We go the distance by:

  • Using premium products to remove allergens and dirt
  • Disinfecting hard-to-reach surfaces
  • Scrubbing areas with accumulated debris
  • Removing cobwebs from corners

Long List of Satisfied Clients

Sarah Komjathy
Sarah Komjathy
I’ve used this service twice and have been pleased with the results. Thank you Andre!
Jennifer Ahsan
Jennifer Ahsan
Excellent and efficient service! Highly recommend
Taisha Husbands
Taisha Husbands
This was my first time using a professional cleaning service and I am so happy with the results!! Thank you to Kemo for being so detailed oriented, speedy, and professional!
Zee Indica
Zee Indica
So impressed with the cleaning standards particularly Ray he was outstanding, punctual and very thorough with his cleaning skills he done an absolutely fantastic job. I would most definitely recommend him he was quick efficient and very professional.
Christopher Bailey
Christopher Bailey
Kemo came to our place and did a fantastic job! My wife and I were working from home and with no interruptions got the job done. I'd recommend Kemo to anyone
Eve Spencer
Eve Spencer
Andre and Len helped me with the MOST incredibly thorough quotes out of the other great companies I talked to!!! Greatly greatly looking forward to our first cleaning!!
Janet Couste
Janet Couste
I have a new housekeeper. Summer started cleaning for me a couple weeks ago. She is a very good cleaner. She doesn’t have to be told what to do. She just pitches in and cleans. She is always on time.
David Galindo
David Galindo
I have used MaidThis for years now , to handle turnover cleanings at my short term rental. They have always been professional, responsive and reliable
Allesondra Helwig
Allesondra Helwig
I recently had my first cleaning with Onixi, and she was great. On time, very professional, came home to a clean home. She had great attention to detail and was thorough with all the tasks I asked from her. Looking forward to having her come back on a monthly basis. And, the Maid This service team has been very attentive to ensure customer satisfaction, which has been very appreciated.

We Do Extra Duty So You Don’t Have To

We all have that one room that requires extra time and attention we usually don’t have. Upon entering the front door, the living room is usually the first area we see. This is also the area that often has the most foot traffic from household members to visitors.

When this area is maintained regularly, it blocks airborne viruses we encounter regularly. While some places may charge a flat rate for cleaning an entire home, we understand client needs. Our solution is to offer a flexible solution without obligation or pressure to ask more services. In this instance, hourly services are ideal for dining room cleaning.

What Our Dining Room Cleaning Entails

Getting a room ready for guests or other household members is a detailed process. We know this is where meals are served and eaten, so the space should be free of bacteria and other contaminants. Our dining room cleaning checklist includes:

Dusting and polishing of furniture

Cleaning glass cabinet doors

Cleaning floors and walls

Dusting light fixtures, including ceiling fans

Although you may have done a basic cleaning after your last gathering, there are also little things to look out for. These include food crumbs on the floor, dust from outside, or lack of proper ventilation. We tailor our dining room checklist to ensure your space is tidy and sanitary.

Our Cleaners Make Us Who We Are

To be one of the best, it takes time to find the right team of cleaners who are dedicated to a job well done. We have a 5-step cleaner screening process all experienced cleaners must pass before working with MaidThis. This is so we can choose applicants that always provide good service.

Although some cleaning services have liberal hiring standards, we go the distance to ensure your property is safe from damage. This also helps us screen the best candidates who are aware of their surroundings and aren’t afraid to follow detailed instructions.

Only a small percentage of candidates make it through the process. From there, they take part in mandatory company training before starting work. Once completed, this wonderful group of workers enables us to guarantee satisfaction with each client.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you clean a dining room fast?

Our cleaning professionals undergo a training process that helps them utilize a targeted way of completing each job. However, it’s important to note that deep cleaning services often take longer. While most basic cleaning services are relatively quick, deep cleaning offers more health benefits to everyone inside.

What do I clean my dining room table with?

It depends on various factors. For instance, manufactured cleaning products sometimes leave a waxy film, or surfaces may have white rings or spots from being exposed to excess moisture. This is why it’s best to limit water use and stick to a damp cloth or sponge. The best products include ammonia, linseed oil, or mineral wash when used according to directions.

How often should you clean the dining area?

We recommend cleaning the dining area at least once weekly, even if you use this room occasionally. The best way to prevent germs and pests is to wipe surfaces clean and clean floors right after a gathering.