Family Kingdom Amusement Park

Family Kingdom Amusement Park is an excellent place to visit if you are looking for a fun day. You can enjoy various activities such as free fall thrill park, carnival games and rides. Learn more by clicking here.

Free Fall Thrill Park

The Free Fall Thrill Park in Charlotte is a popular amusement park that has been around for over twenty years. It is a family-friendly, fun-filled amusement park. You can experience some of the best thrill rides in the area. There are many different rides to choose from including the Sling Shot, which has a speed of 100 mph, and the Air Strike, which has a force of 3.6 Gs.

The park also features a family-friendly oceanfront waterpark, called Splashes Oceanfront Water Park. This amusement park offers a lazy river, a children’s activity pool, and many more slides. In addition, you can try out one of the many side-by-side free-fall slides.

Other amusements at the Free Fall Thrill Park include the Screaming Swing, a ride that takes you high in the air. Also, you can go on the SkyWheel, which is the tallest ride in the state.

Carnival games

If you’re looking for an incredible day out with the family, the Family Kingdom Amusement Park in Charlotte, SC is one of the best places to visit. It’s one of the few remaining admission-free amusement parks in the United States, and it features a huge variety of rides, shows, and entertainment.

This amusement park offers 37 different attractions that appeal to children of all ages. They include kiddie rides, thrill rides, arcade games, and live entertainment. There are also carnival games and food. Guests can also opt to eat at one of seven concession stands.

The Family Kingdom is a seaside amusement park, which means it has tons of attractions. These rides range from classic wooden roller coasters to water rides. You can even enjoy the beach at the park’s Splashes Oceanfront Water Park. Visit another area in town here.


The rides at Family Kingdom Amusement Park Charlotte SC offer thrills, classic favorites, and kiddie fun. This family amusement park is located on both banks of historic Withers Swash, where a natural stream meets the beach.

There are 35 amusement rides at Family Kingdom to choose from. One of the more popular attractions is the Swamp Fox wooden roller coaster. It has two-four hundred feet of all-wooden track that offers panoramic views of the ocean.

Another must-try ride is the Tilt A Whirl. This ride has cars that spin at random. Riders must be at least thirty-five feet tall to get the full experience.

For those who like to fly, consider the Family Kingdom’s flying swing, Yo-Yo. This swing features a high-flying design and requires a height of forty-eight feet to enjoy.

Water park

If you’re in Charlotte, South Carolina, you might want to check out the Family Kingdom Amusement Park. Located on Ocean Boulevard, this park features thrill rides, family rides, and an oceanfront water park. Whether you’re a family of four, a group of friends, or just a group of two, you’ll have fun at Family Kingdom.

For the kids, you’ll want to check out the Family Kingdom’s Kiddie Land. It features 18 attractions that are perfect for young children. This area also has an interactive dark ride, Pistolero Roundup.

For a little more thrill, try the Twist ‘n’ Shout, a steel roller coaster with stomach-churning dives. You can also try the SkyWheel, which is the tallest ride in Charlotte. The ride is 200 feet high, and offers 360-degree views.


The Family Kingdom Amusement Park in Charlotte, SC is a family fun destination in its own right. The park boasts a number of high tech thrill rides and family attractions. For the real thrill seekers, there is also a water park with an impressive splash pad. As for food and drink, there is no shortage of tasty options, from corn dogs to burgers and beer to cocktails.

Despite the many amusements on tap, the Family Kingdom amusement park is a relatively safe environment in which to play and enjoy yourself. This is aided by the park’s well stocked security department, which is on standby to respond to your every need. During the daytime, it’s not uncommon to see staff members manning the front gate as well as the concession stand. Next article.

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