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What is MaidThis Cleaning Charlotte?

MaidThis Cleaning Charlotte can give you your life back by efficiently handling cleaning services in your home and vacation rental property. With successful franchises from coast to coast, this high-rated referral agency specializes in matching clients with professional cleaning experts who live locally. By outsourcing housekeeping, you can focus on what you choose.

What should be included in a vacation rental cleaning?

Homes and vacation rentals are not the same. In the housekeeping business, they’re often referred to as “regular cleanings” and “turnover cleanings.” The individuals who perform your cleaning services are seasoned professionals experienced in both. They understand the pressure that you’re under from your guests. For that reason, keep MaidThis Cleaning Charlotte informed about your property’s special features that need attention from your cleaning team.

Does MaidThis Cleaning Charlotte provide cleaning supplies?

Absolutely! The company scours the market for the safest, most effective, and most economical products to ensure that your property receives consistently good care. To prevent any allergic or sensitivity reactions, you should supply the laundry and dishwasher detergents you prefer. We ask that you also provide trash bags to fit the waste baskets and bins at your rental.

What if my cleaner makes a mistake?

By offering a selection of cleaning checklists and packages, we make sure you know what to expect in advance. We suggest that you remain present for at least the first MaidThis Cleaning Charlotte visit so you and your cleaner can do a walk-through together to review the plan. If an unexpected problem does arise, our services include a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee to make sure the job gets done the way you want.

What is your quality assurance?

Believing that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, our streamlined system is designed to give you the smoothest experience possible. MaidThis Cleaning Charlotte starts with top-level professional cleaners who are screened and given extra training. If something misses the mark, we promise to correct the misstep at no charge.

How will my cleaners gain access to my vacation rental?

You have the choice of using a lockbox or concealing a key on your property. While you should keep backup keys in case of emergencies, your cleaners won’t have personal copies of your keys.

How far in advance should I book my cleaning service?

Planning ahead of time is smart thinking for almost everything. Try to schedule your cleaning visits at least 48 hours in advance. Our easy online system enables repeat visits to be automatically programmed for as long as you wish. We understand that things happen, so if last-minute changes pop up or if you suddenly need a same-day appointment, call us. We can’t guarantee that staff will be available but we’ll do our best for you.

How do I cancel a cleaning service?

If you cancel a scheduled visit at least 24 hours ahead, don’t worry — there’s no charge. If you cancel the visit on the same day or after 4 p.m. on the day before, then there’s a $30 fee to compensate for the cleaner’s time.

Are laundry services available?

Laundry is part of life, especially with a vacation rental. The standard rental package includes up to 3 full loads, with additional loads for $10 each. If the laundry has to be done at a laundromat, an added $10 fee is applied. However, if you don’t need any laundry services, then we give you a discount!

How do I book a vacation rental cleaning?

Easy-peasy! Call us! MaidThis Cleaning Charlotte will make a record of your needs, personalize your service according to your wishes, and set up a house cleaning visit. You’re going to love your service.

Can I give the cleaners my own custom cleaning checklist?

On the MaidThis Cleaning Charlotte Pricing & Service page, you’ll find several choices. Each service package has a specific checklist showing what the cleaners do. Before they visit, we’ll work with you to adjust the checklist according to your vacation rental’s special needs.

Will my cleaners always arrive on time?

MaidThis Cleaning Charlotte is proud of its “Never a No-Show” policy — we guarantee that you’ll never be left high and dry! In the case of vacation rental cleaning services, the exact starting time is sometimes unpredictable due to traffic conditions, but the job will ALWAYS get done before your guests show up.

Does MaidThis Cleaning Charlotte employ its own cleaners?

MaidThis Cleaning Charlotte works by referring local experts in each city. Each cleaner has been thoroughly screened with a background check and multiple interviews. We only send you experienced professionals with clean records, strong work ethics, and good customer service skills.