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What Service Do You Need?

Standard Cleaning

Standard house cleaning is done every week or two to smarten up what you’ve already been doing. Although our checklist is extensive, you can upgrade it with specialty tasks such as windows, the oven, or the fridge. Let us know and we’ll get ‘er done!

Move In/Out Cleaning

This package makes your landlord and your new residents happy. Based on our experience, we recommend you consider the number of work hours based on the home’s square footage. For example, allowing 1 hour for every 300 square feet will give good results.

Deep Cleaning

Does the house need some extra love and attention? Choose our deep-cleaning package when it hasn’t been well-cleaned in a while or has hosted a lot of active life. It deserves dedicated scrubbing to freshen up old stains, gummy accumulations, and hard-to-reach places.

Hourly Cleaning

This service is designed uniquely for you. It’s customized for your specific needs, so you decide how much time the cleaner devotes to which tasks. Request hourly cleaning when you want detailed work tailored just your way. You can’t get more precise than this!

Long List of Satisfied Clients

My wife and I are thrilled how easy everything is with MaidThis, and now I’m a customer for life! If you don’t want to go through the hassle of finding your own cleaner, definitely try MaidThis


Monthly Cleaning


Hours saved

I work a full-time job and I have a small kids at home, so by the time I get home the LAST thing I want to do is clean. If you need to save time, I recommend going through MaidThis. Their customer system was amazing.


Bi-Weekly Cleaning


Hours saved

Using the platform was super simple. I’ve used my cleaners five times now, and the one time I did have to reschedule it was super easy, hassle-free. It’s really simple, it’s easy, and they’ve done great job.


Bi-Weekly Cleaning


Hours saved

Yes! This service did an amazing job. My cleaners left the space sparkly clean and shiny. Thoughtful touches in the kitchen included the upside down teapot. It was just a superstar job, and can’t wait to hire them again!

Allison T

Monthly Cleaning Client


Hours saved

The ladies that have come to clean our home are great! They arrive on time, clean quickly but thoroughly and are very friendly, especially with our dog. We also appreciate the consistent team. We’ll continue use the service as long as we need the help!

Shanna B

Weekly Cleaning Client


Hours saved

I honestly can’t say enough good things about MaidThis. Their customer service was beyond helpful and polite! If you’re looking for a service with the best customer care in town. This is it!

Renee C

Bi-Weekly Cleaning Client


Hours saved

Why Choose Us?

Remember a time you made it through an exhausting day and had the pleasure of returning to a bright, fresh-smelling space? You felt safe because you could relax in peace at last. Finding reliable residential cleaning services takes time and energy — imagine how good it would feel to “set it and forget it” all the time. The best house cleaners Charlotte has will save you time and customize your services.

Curious about how the process works? It starts when you select and book your service. We match you with a skilled local cleaner to meet your needs. You then get automated reminders. If you need to change your maid service schedule, no worries! Log onto the user-friendly online site. If computers make you uncomfortable, we can arrange the adjustments for you — easy-peasy!

To guarantee your safety and peace of mind, each cleaning professional who works for you has been screened and hand-picked. Only 2% of applicants pass our testing.

To meet your high expectations, you’ll enjoy a streamlined approach so your experience goes smoothly from start to finish. You get hassle-free house cleaning services in Charlotte, NC, and we guarantee your satisfaction 100%!




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house cleaning services in Charlotte, NC

We’re not happy unless you’re happy

Does that sound too good to be true? It’s not. Structured on honesty, integrity, and dedication, our company understands how much you value transparency and good communication. You get no hidden fees, only organized personalized services — every stage of the process — with vetted professionals who respect your need for convenience and peace.

For safety, here’s the short list of tasks that maids aren’t permitted to do:

Wet-wiping light fixtures and lamps: They’re fragile and at risk for breakage

Moving furniture: Large or heavy furniture requires at least two people to prevent injury and furniture damage

Wall cleaning: Wall paint can be surprisingly delicate and prone to chip or stain

“Sounds awesome! How do I book a house cleaning?”

Now we can get this party started! To schedule your preferred house cleaning services in Charlotte, NC, give us a call or fill out our intuitive online booking form below:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do cleaning services include?

It depends on the size and condition of the home and what needs to be done. We offer several different packages that can be customized just for you.

What is the difference between basic cleaning and deep cleaning?

Basic cleaning is an upkeep-type service following a checklist that keeps your home sanitary, fresh, and safe. Deep cleaning requires more time because it addresses detailed tasks demanding special attention. Deep cleaning is especially beneficial for people with certain health challenges.

How often should a cleaner clean your house?

It depends on the size of the house, the number of residents, the health of household members, and everyone’s activity level. Standard house cleaning in Charlotte should be done every week or two. Older homes or those with active children or pets can benefit from more frequent visits. Most houses are maintained best with a deep cleaning 2-3 times a year.

How do you prepare for a cleaning person?

Tidy up anything that would prevent the cleaner from accessing target areas. If you don’t plan on being present, let us know in advance so we can make arrangements.