How Much Does House Cleaning Cost in Charlotte, NC?

Home Cleaning Services Prices in Charlotte, NC

As you contemplate hiring a local company to clean your home in Charlotte, several questions will immediately pop into your head. Leading the way will likely be, “How much does house cleaning cost?” That’s a reasonable question and something that needs to be addressed here.

Regarding house cleaning prices, things can certainly vary from one company to the next. Keeping that in mind, here are some rough estimates of the average for home cleaning services prices in Charlotte, NC. You can use this information to set your budget expectations.

On a national level, the average cost would be $230 for an average-sized residential home. The average range runs from $60 for very small apartments to $400+ for larger estate homes. To peg the prices in Charlotte, you can assume the prices are somewhat in line with the national average, running between $100 and $250 overall.

House Cleaning Cost Breakdown By Pricing Option

House Cleaning Cost Breakdown By Pricing Option

As they say, “There is more than one way to skin a cat.” That is certainly the case when it comes to looking at how house cleaning prices are established in Charlotte.

To give you some perspective as a potential customer, four primary pricing methodologies are often used by major cleaning companies in the Charlotte area. Depending on which company you might choose, you can discuss with them how they intend to price out your job. Here is a look at the pricing options that are used in the area.

By Hours

Some customers need housekeeping services but come have significant budget concerns. Still, other customers will be interested in securing very specific cleaning services that target specific rooms or a special type of cleaning. It’s in these situations that hourly rates tend to work well for customers. Hourly rates give them more control over their expenditure while making sure the cleaning company’s maids have a clear idea of how much time they have to complete the task at hand.

Basic hourly rates run between $25 to $50, depending on the service requested and other factors such as the complexity of the job

By Size of the Home

Estate homes present a real challenge when it comes to figuring out reasonable cleaning prices. The more spacious the home, the more difficult the process becomes. Many times, the fairest way to price such a job is to establish a price by square footage. Most local companies have square footage prices but are often willing to negotiate.

The current average per square foot in the Charlotte area runs between $0.08 and $0.13 per square foot.

By Number of Rooms

The easiest pricing method is to simply count the number of rooms in the house and apply a per-room rate. As part of this method, the size of each room will be considered with smaller rooms running an average of $30 per room and larger rooms with more furniture about $60 per room. Again, special cleaning requests could impact these rates a bit.

Flat Fee

For standard apartments and condos, some cleaning companies like to keep things simple by using a flat rate. We also do this a lot with vacation rentals in the area. While flat fee rates will vary from company to company, the average seems to be between $60 to #120 for apartments and condos. Flat fees are also available for larger homes and can run as high as $400.

Cleaning Services Types and Prices

Most full-service cleaning companies in the Charlotte area try to offer flexibility regarding the type of cleaning services they offer. Since each type requires progressively more effort from their maids, the prices will tend to scale up a little based on the service type getting more complex. The cleaning service types typically offered in the area include (pricing range included):

Factors Influencing House Cleaning Costs

Beyond room size and the number of rooms, there are other factors that cleaning companies have to consider when establishing home cleaning services prices in Charlotte NC. Some of these other factors are:

  • Very specific chores that are requested
  • The overall condition of the home (clutter)
  • The amount of furniture or appliances in a room
  • Extra services (see below)

What About Additional Cleaning Services?

What About Additional Cleaning Services?

A lot of customers have very special cleaning requests. When such requests are made, the cleaning company has to determine if the request falls within the scope of their base pricing or if an additional fee needs to be added. Here’s a partial list of the add-ons and special requests that are often made:

  • Use of special cleaning chemicals
  • Carpet and furniture cushion cleaning
  • Organizing and decluttering rooms, cabinets, or closets
  • Garage and attic cleaning
  • After-party cleanups


With MaidThis, you are assured of getting what you need at a cleaning price that is fair, competitive, and affordable. It’s worth noting our prices fall within the price ranges mentioned above. We also fully guarantee our cleaning results. When you are ready, please contact us. We’ll come out, give you a quote, and get to work. We are open to negotiating prices. Thank You!

What can a cleaner do in 3 hours?

Professional cleaners with lots of cleaning experience are amazingly fast and efficient housekeepers. It’s quite common for one of our maids to be able to clean an entire standard home or apartment in a three hour period.

How do you quote a cleaning service?

We want to be your professional house cleaning solution. When you summon us, we’ll come out to your residence and speak with you about pricing. After we consider all the relevant factors, we will first determine which pricing model would be best. After that, we’ll apply the methodology and come up with a standard quote, adding special requests on the end. If you have an issue with our quote, we encourage you to speak up and see if we can negotiate something that meets your needs.

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