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Relieving your cleaning anxiety when it’s time to move

Your Stress-Free Move Starts Here

It’s rare that someone will look forward to moving day. Among the things that make this day stressful is having to worry about cleaning the old residence after departure and cleaning the new residence before taking occupancy.

We don’t want you to worry about cleaning responsibilities on your moving day. MaidThis offers a full range of both move in cleaning services and move out cleaning services for homes and apartments in Charlotte. We encourage you to call us today for a free estimate.






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Get Smooth Move-In/Move-Out Cleaning Services

As part of lowering your stress levels on moving day, we have made an effort to ensure it’s fast and easy to get help from our professional cleaners. Indeed, the online scheduling process is as easy as it gets. Here is what the process entails.

Fast and Easy Scheduling Process

Our easy-to-use cleaning scheduling platform is located on our website. If you would prefer, you can schedule your move out cleaners by contacting a MaidThis Charlotte representative.

Cleaning Job Done to Perfection

Our professional cleaners are both effective and efficient. They know exactly what needs to be done to clean to perfection and get the job done on time.

Frees Up Your Time

By hiring a cleaning professional, you get the benefit of being able to save your time for something more useful or enjoyable.

Our 5-Step Cleaner Screening Process

Protecting clients by making sure each contract cleaner is qualified and reputable!

A hiring process that targets the top 2% of house cleaners in the Charlotte, NC, area!


Completion of Online Application

The online application process allows a larger group of qualified cleaners to submit applications. Access to more applicants translates to access to more qualified candidates from which we can choose.


Phone Interview

After identifying qualified candidates, phone interviews open up the lines of communication and allow our interviewers to get a sense of how each candidate communicates and handles themselves.


In-Person Interview

The best candidates will get a face-to-face interview. These interviews are designed to dig deeper into each candidate’s qualifications while allowing for questions to be asked back and forth.


Invitation to Company Orientation

On the cusp of making the final cut, candidates are invited to a company orientation. These orientations are designed to lay out the company’s policies and procedures and to ensure a candidate is a good match for the company.


Completion of Comprehensive Background Check

The last step in the process is the most important step. We perform comprehensive background checks to ensure only the most reputable and responsible cleaners will get access to your home.

Why Choose Us?

We can offer you a lot of reasons to use MaidThis move in or move out cleaning services. Setting aside our stellar reputation for providing quality cleaning services from top cleaners, we offer our services at prices that are reasonable, competitive, and always affordable. One call and you’ll find out why we are one of the best move out cleaning services in Charlotte NC.

Streamlined Approach

Our cleaners use a cleaning “roadmap” that ensures everything gets done properly and as efficiently as possible. This hassle-free approach ensures you will be satisfied with the results and can use your valuable time on more important things. AND… We stand behind our results with our unique 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Client-friendly Booking Process

Your responsibility is to simply schedule our move out or move in cleaning service online and let us do the rest. We’ll match you with the right cleaning professional and provide automatic scheduling reminders.

Fast and Easy Payment Process

When the job is complete and you are happy with the results, we’ll give you an affordable invoice, plus a secure system through which you can make your payment without worry.




Hours Saved



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Aiming to Be Your Go-To Cleaning Company

As a full-service cleaning company, we offer more than move in move out cleaning services. We do so with a focus on providing quality services each time. Our no-nonsense approach includes first-class client service from first-class contact cleaners, no hidden fees or costs, and complete transparency through open communication.

Please note: Here are 3 cleaning tasks that cleaners are permitted to avoid:

Cleaning delicate light fixtures and collectibles in order to avoid breaking your expensive personal assets

Moving heavy and awkward furniture when doing so could cause property damage or injury to a cleaner

Using water or chemicals to clean walls. They avoid this to avoid damaging paint and wall coverings

Our locations

If you’re anywhere in the map area, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Available service areas in Charlotte:

29526, 29527, 29566, 29568, 29569, 29572, 29575,

29576, 29577, 29579, 29582, 2958

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If you are convinced – What happens next?

When you are ready to hire us, we’ll be ready to roll. You can book your cleaning service appointment online via our online booking form (click the button below) or by calling a representative at 704-736-3798.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you supposed to clean your house when you move out?

Whether you are a renter or just sold your home, you do have an obligation to make sure the home you are leaving is ready for occupancy by the next tenants or owners. This is common practice, especially if you want a cleaning or security deposit returned.

How much advance notice do you require?

At a minimum, we would like at least 48 hours so we can guarantee that we’ll have a cleaner there when you need them.

As professional move out cleaners, do you provide the cleaning supplies?

Yes. We require that our contract cleaners use commercial-grade cleaning products that are effective, safe, eco-friendly, and will leave the home smelling fresh.

What is included during a move out cleaning?

Assuming no furniture is left behind, the process would include floor cleaning (including carpet cleaning if needed), scrubbing of plumbing fixtures in the kitchen and bathrooms, window washing, cleaning of baseboards/HVAC vents/door jambs, and cleaning of all countertops, cabinets, and appliances (inside and outside).