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One time cleaning services are a great way to free up your time to do other important things. Whether you have a kids’ birthday party, or a real estate open house, you can hire someone to do it for you and not miss any time from your busy schedule. They can help you eliminate clutter and reduce the risk of accidents. In addition to this, a one-time cleaning service makes your cleaning routine easier and more effective. A professional cleaning service will be able to get the job done quickly and ensure that your home is ready for the big event.

What One-Time Cleaning Service Do You Need?

One time cleaning service is great for people who need help cleaning a home or apartment on a one-time basis and to free up your time to do other important things. You can use this time to prepare for a party or special event, prepare a meal, or decorate your home. It also gives you peace of mind knowing that someone else will take care of the cleaning process while you focus on other things.

Party Cleaning

One-time cleaning services can also help you prepare for a party or clean up after a party. They will empty wastebaskets, mop floors, and sanitize surfaces and fixtures. The process of planning and hosting an event can be exhausting. A one-time cleaning service can help relieve you of the stress and get the party started in a much more productive way.

If you only want a deep cleaning once, a one-time service can cost between $70 and $200. A thorough cleaning of a duplex includes scrubbing the floors, washing walls, wiping windows, and dusting baseboards. In addition, it can also include garage cleaning, exterior cleaning, and duct cleaning.

Choose this package whether you’re vacating your home or taking possession of a new one. The most commonly recommended system is approximately one hour of cleaning for every 300 square feet. You can arrange in advance to modify the standard checklist to fit your particular needs according to the condition of the location.

Housekeeping in Charlotte
maids cleaning services in Charlotte

Get Smooth Service for Your One-Time Cleaning

Call us to prepare for a special event or just to get caught up. First time using MaidThis? Try us out with a one-time house cleaning in Charlotte, and you’ll be glad you did!

In a heartbeat you can book your one-time cleaning

Truthfully, an appointment can be booked in less than a minute. Call us or use the fast online form to pick the date and time you want your residential cleaner to visit.

Our professionals are dependable and experienced

All cleaners are local to Charlotte and have passed a strict five-step screening process that includes background checks and skill evaluation. You get only the best of the best.

Discover extra hours added to your life!

You’ll wonder why you didn’t get a cleaning service years ago! With more hours added to each week of your life, you’ll feel like yourself again, free to do what you want.

Housekeeping services in Charlotte

The Five-Step Screening Process for All Applicants

Potential candidates for MaidThis Charlotte are already experienced housekeepers living around the Charlotte area.

We want to exceed your expectations for consistently top-rate work and outstanding customer service.


Applying Online

Interested persons fill out an online application that screens out whoever lacks the necessary qualifications. They need to have basic computer skills and the ability to follow directions.


Interview by Phone

Potential candidates who meet the initial challenge then participate in a one-on-one phone interview to chat and answer questions. Their people skills are evaluated in addition to their ability to “think on their feet.”



The third step in the screening process is a live meeting for a more in-depth interview. By this stage, we’re checking to see if what they say matches what they wrote on their applications. We also look for a clean, professional appearance.


Learning About MaidThis Charlotte

At this point, the pool of applicants is much smaller. They participate in an orientation about the company’s policies, procedures, and work ethic. This step allows the operations team to verify who will be the best fit.


Background Investigation

Ensuring your safety and privacy is included in our services. The few remaining candidates must pass our background checks to confirm their honesty and reliability. Only 2% of applicants make the grade.

house cleaning services in Charlotte

Too Good to Be True? It’s Very Good Because It’s All True!

What’s more, you get other benefits in addition to top-level cleaning service. Our no-nonsense approach means transparency from the beginning to the end of the process without hidden fees. You get a 100% satisfaction guarantee whether you choose a standard package or customized services adapted to your individual needs. We do everything possible to make your experience stress-free. Think of us for your one-time house cleaning in Charlotte!

To prevent the risk of damage or injury, MaidThis instructs the residential cleaners to bypass the following tasks:

Wiping light fixtures: Due to potentially faulty electrical parts and fragile light bulbs, it’s safer for you to deal with these.

Moving furniture: Heavy furniture, antiques, and pieces with special finishes are best handled by a team of trained movers.

Wall cleaning: Wall treatments can be made from many materials, each requiring individualized care to protect delicate surfaces.

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