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Do you Need Your Home Cleaned Today?

We can’t always predict every little aspect of our lives. As an emergency cleaning service, we have certainly come to realize that people need access to maids with very little warning. That is exactly why MaidThis in Charlotte is proud to offer our same day cleaning service. It’s our way of letting you know we will always have your back no matter when the need for our services arises.

If you need a same day house cleaning, we would strongly suggest you bypass our popular online automated scheduling system and call the office directly.

Housekeeping in Charlotte
maids cleaning services in Charlotte

Keeping the Process Smooth and Easy

Knowing there is some urgency when you need a maid today, we have done everything we can to keep the entire process from beginning to end as smooth and easy as possible. Here are three ways we make the magic happen:

Booking appointments has never been easier

While we do offer an automated online scheduling system, your urgency dictates you call our office directly. We’ll take your emergency cleaning service request and immediately locate a top maid to handle it.

Speedy and precise cleaning

We feel confident that we are working with the best maids in the Charlotte area. They are cleaning experts who know exactly what needs to be done when a customer needs their home cleaned with precision in a hurry.

Spend your free time wisely

It goes without saying that the reason you need a professional made is because your time is needed elsewhere. While we clean your home, we hope you’ll be able to use your free time doing something more productive or enjoyable.

Housekeeping services in Charlotte

Introducing Our 5-Step Cleaner Screening Process

You might wonder how we are able to connect with the top maids in Charlotte. The secret to our success has everything to do with our comprehensive 5-step cleaner screening process.

Let us tell you about this process:


Online Application

Technology has made it possible for us to collect hundreds of applications online. That opens the door to us getting access to more and better-qualified candidates.


Interview By Phones

As experts in the cleaning business, we only need a few minutes with a candidate online to determine whether or not we feel they are up to our MaidThis standards.


In-person Interview

The best candidates will earn the right to come in for an in-person interview. We use this process to discuss the candidate’s work experience, qualifications, and goals.


Company Orientation

While the in-person interviews allow us to learn about the candidate, we invite the best of the best to learn about MaidThis via one of our company orientation meetings.


Background and Reference Checks

Ultimately, we have an obligation to protect our customers. We perform thorough background and reference checks to ensure our cleaners are honest and reputable.

Why Choose Us?

We have competition. To earn the right to be considered the best cleaners in Charlotte, we have to stand above the rest. We do exactly that by providing elite services that fit into any budget while fully backed by our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Just one call is all it will take to see why we deserve to be your go-to cleaning company. Note these other benefits you will derive by calling us:

You tell us where and when

We give you complete control over the appointment scheduling process. We have made it easy to schedule appointments online or by phone. For same day house cleaning, someone will be standing by during business hours to answer your call.

Hand-Picked Cleaners

The maids with whom we work are clearly among the very best in Charlotte, NC. They have cleared our comprehensive screening process and provided adequate assurance they will be able to handle any of your cleaning requirements.

Worry-free billing & payment

We keep it simple from beginning to end. You’ll realize that when you see how easy it is to get your cleaning bill. Once you are 100% satisfied with the cleaning results, we offer you a nice selection of secure ways to pay your bill.




Hours Saved



house cleaning services in Charlotte

Sounds too good to be true?

Seeing is believing. All it will take is one house cleaning to see why we deserve to be your go-to cleaning company. How can you argue with great service from top maids, transparency with no hidden fees, a no-show guarantee, and our 100% satisfaction guarantee?

Here are three tasks we can’t handle due to potential issues:

Wiping light fixtures and delicate items – we want to avoid damaging anything of potential value

Moving furniture – We don’t want to put our cleaners at risk of injury or your property at risk of damage.

Wall cleaning – Some paints and wall covering would be subject to damage if cleaned with water or harsh chemicals

Our locations

If you’re anywhere in the map area, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Available service areas in Charlotte:

29526, 29527, 29566, 29568, 29569, 29572, 29575,

29576, 29577, 29579, 29582, 2958

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“I’m in a pinch and need same day maid service. How should I proceed?”

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