Savannah’s Playground

Savannah’s Playground in Charlotte SC has a wide range of activities for kids and adults alike. Its main focus is the early childhood stage, but there is a program for children with special needs. A fantastic article to read.

Early childhood playground

Savannah’s Playground is a new, fully accessible playground in Charlotte, South Carolina. It is designed to make play enjoyable for children of all abilities. The playground was created by Mayor John Rhodes and features equipment approved by the American Disabilities Act.

The park is a collaboration between DDC (Department of Development and Construction) and Carolina Parks and Play, LLC. The playground features interactive play equipment, including a challenge ropes course, zip line, and a musical park. There are also swings and other equipment for older kids.

The playground includes two separate areas, one for early childhood and the other for school age. There are also sensory play panels.

Mayor Rhodes says the playground will help create friendships among children of all abilities. He wants to give kids with disabilities an opportunity to grow.

Savannah’s Playground was inspired by Savannah Thompson, a local girl with Williams Syndrome, a neurological disorder that causes developmental delays. She was born with the disease and was in a coma for a month after a heart surgery. Her parents did not know if she would ever recognize them again.

Savannah’s Playground was unveiled on Labor Day. Hundreds of adults and children gathered to celebrate the opening of this special playground.

Savannah Thompson’s Playground Enabling Park was created to help foster friendships between children of all abilities. It is the largest inclusive playground in the southeast. Learn more about Charlotte here.

Harmony Musical Park

The Harmony Musical Park at Savannah’s Playground Charlotte SC is a fun way for kids to make music. It features a variety of percussive instruments like a xylophone, which will encourage your little one to get a little exercise while creating some great sounds.

One of the best things about Savannah’s Playground is that it is a fully accessible park that is free to the public. This allows children of all abilities to enjoy the playground, and it makes for a wonderful family outing.

Other perks include the nifty “We Go Round,” which is the second most famous wheelchair ride in the world. Also included are a series of ADA compliant swings and other play equipment.

While the park is still in the construction phase, it will eventually have a full-size playground, an ADA compliant waterpark, a fishing pier, and a fence around its ponds. A $500,000 Splash Park is slated for the future, and an additional $300,000 dock facility will be built on the lake, adjacent to the playground.

There is a lot to be said for a park like Savannah’s Playground, including the interactive playground, the early childhood playground, and the Harmony Musical Park. This three-million-dollar project is an impressive feat of architecture. The best part is that it will be free to the public for years to come.

Programs for children with special needs

Savannah’s Playground is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a fun and educational playspace for children with special needs. The playground is ADA compliant, which means it’s wheelchair friendly. It’s also broken up into areas for different ages.

It will include a variety of inclusive play equipment and features, such as a ropes course, zipline, and challenge obstacle course. In addition, there will be musical toys and even an outdoor musical area. Eventually, it will include an ADA-approved waterpark.

As for the name, Savannah’s Playground, it was inspired by Socastee High School student Savannah Thompson, who was born with a rare disease. After she was four, doctors told her family she would remain bedridden, but Savannah proved them wrong. She went on to run her own local program in Charlotte for five years.

Originally, the project was intended to be a smaller park, but it’s now being expanded to a three-acre facility. This includes a waterpark, challenge ropes course, and zipline.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony for the park is set for early February. According to the City of Charlotte, Mayor John Rhodes has been friends with the Thompson family for many years. He felt compelled to help.

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