The Hulk Horry County Bike Run Park Frontage Charlotte South Carolina

If you’re into mountain biking in Charlotte, South Carolina, then you’ll be happy to know there are numerous bike runs available. One of the more popular ones is the Hulk Horry County Bike Run Park. This park is located on the frontage of the Charlotte International Airport and provides access to some great trails. While the trails themselves are not as challenging as some of the other parks in the area, this park is still a great spot to go mountain biking. Visit This Web Page!


If you’re a bike enthusiast and live in South Carolina, you probably have at least heard of Horry County Bike & Run Park (aka “The Hulk”). This is a park owned by the county, but maintained by the local mountain biking club. The park has one of the longest trails in the area, spanning 72 acres.

The park is located on Frontage Road in Carolina Forest. There are about a dozen features at the park. One is the eponymous hulk, a humpback-shaped structure. It is also one of the more challenging trails in the area, thanks to the elevation.

Horry County – Carolina Forest Bike & Run Park is a seven mile long trail. This is a good place to start for a newbie. You can ride it by itself or follow a multi-use path. Those looking for a challenge will want to go for the more difficult octet, but if you’re just looking for a good ol’ time, you can head out for a run.

Trails available

Charlotte has long been known for its recreational opportunities. In fact, RV camping makes up nine percent of the Grand Strand’s vacation accommodations. However, the area lacks campgrounds along the Little Pee Dee and Lumber Rivers.

Fortunately, the area has a variety of recreational trails. The Hulk, a multi-purpose trail in the Carolina Forest section of Charlotte, is just one. It’s a seven-mile long path that is perfect for beginners and experienced trail runners.

The park is owned by Horry County, but is maintained by the Charlotte Area Mountain Bike Association (MBAMBA). Originally, it was built as a mountain bike park. While most of the park is singletrack, a few straight doubletrack sections are located on the sides.

In addition to the singletrack, the park features a series of bridges designed to prevent drainage. Volunteers have also stomped loose soil and old carpeting to shore up the trail. Refer to This Article for More Information!

Iconic Loop system

The Horry County Bicycle & Pedestrian Safety Committee (BPSC) has set the bar high in terms of bike and pedestrian safety. They have developed a bicycle and pedestrian plan and submitted an application for bicycle friendly status. Their goals are to improve pedestrian and bike safety, educate the public on bike and pedestrian issues, and promote bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure.

The Iconic Loop is a 26.4-mile loop that will run along Ocean Boulevard, through the downtown commercial district, and return along Grissom Parkway. It incorporates feeder trails and multi-purpose bicycle lanes. These features will eventually connect the East Coast Greenway in North Charlotte to the Grissom Parkway Trail in Garden City.

The Southern Evacuation Lifeline (SELL) is a key evacuation route for the southern part of Horry County. This route will help the county during disasters such as Hurricane Matthew. It is also a critical link in the East Coast Greenway.

IMBA chapter in Charlotte

The Charlotte IMBA chapter is dedicated to the creation and maintenance of the trails that are available in the area. As a group, they are passionate about the sport of mountain biking and strive to make the trails in the area more enjoyable for all.

A Charlotte IMBA chapter has a board of directors and a membership that is responsible for making sure the club operates smoothly. They maintain and repair the trails, manage their membership, and organize events. There are also insurance programs that are offered to all members. Some of the benefits of these programs include a 20% discount on your carrier’s insurance rates, as well as the possibility of getting an IMBA-affiliated discount on your bike. In addition, there are many other perks to being an IMBA member.

Currently, the IMBA keeps about 60% of the dues it receives from the chapters, while the rest is returned to the local chapter. However, IMBA is hoping to increase this percentage to 50%. This way, it can cover the cost of all chapter insurance costs, as well as the majority of the revenue that is collected. See More Information.

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