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Why You Should Consider Weekly Cleaning Service?

You probably had professional cleaning services on your mind for a while now. Maybe you had MaidThis come in and clean your home once a month. Maybe you want something more regular like a weekly cleaning service. A weekly maid service gives you complete freedom over your life.

You can leave the house anytime you want. In just a few hours, you will return home to a sparkling clean room. The carpets were vacuumed, the floors were mopped, and everything was dusted. You did not have to do any of the work yourself. Consider a weekly cleaning schedule for this alone.

Housekeeping in Charlotte
maids cleaning services in Charlotte

Book Easy Weekly Cleaning Services

Easy regular cleaning services are available wherever you want. MaidThis in North Carolina offers cleaning services that allow you to focus on the important things. Spend time with your friends and family.

Lightning Fast Booking

With our lightning-fast cleaning services, you can book whenever you want. We offer flexible and convenient booking that allows you to quickly book and make adjustments. You have control over your schedule.

Precise & Speedy Maids

You can rely on our maids to get the job done. They are known for their precision and speed. In a few hours, you will return to a magically clean home.

Get Your Life Back

With our services, you can get your life back. You no longer have to worry about cleaning taking time away from other matters. Focus on your career goals or family.

Housekeeping services in Charlotte

Our Unique 5-Step Cleaner Screening Process

We have a unique five-step cleaner screening process. Each cleaner has to undergo several assessments and interviews. Our maids are hard-working cleaners from your local area.

To help you find high-quality and professional cleaners.


Online Application

The first step in this rigorous process is the online application. Interested applicants will give us detailed information about their work history and experience. We determine if they can follow directions and follow deadlines.


Phone interview

Any applicants who pass the first phase of screening will schedule a phone interview. During this time, we will learn more about their abilities and skills.


In-Person Meeting

Next, we schedule an in-person screening with the applicant. This allows us to better understand their personality and determine whether they are the right fit for our company and for your services.



The fourth phase of the screening is orientation. This is when they will meet with our operations team to learn more about the policies and procedures associated with MaidThis.


Background Checks

The background check might be the last part, but it is not an overlooked part. We want to ensure the safety of our customers. You and your family can feel safe about whoever enters your home.

Why Choose Us?

MaidThis is the leader in cleaning services. Our experts work hard to make your home feel as comfortable, beautiful, and clean as possible. We do whatever it takes to get the job done, including last-minute services that provide efficiency and reliability. Book an appointment with us to find out more.

Hassle-Free Booking

We have an easy and streamlined approach to booking. This saves you time and stress by getting biweekly cleaning services. Our hassle-free booking always meets high standards. Each of our scheduled cleanings comes with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

User-Friendly Bookings

Our bookings are so fast that the process starts the moment we receive your request. We are then on the hunt to match you with a local cleaner who is safe and reputable. You will receive automatic reminders once you schedule an appointment. You can adjust or reschedule appointments via our user-friendly online platform.

Carefree Bookings

Our worry-free booking and payments are the best in the industry. Once you set it, you can forget about it. Our payment system reduces billing errors. You will not get charged until your maid services are complete and you are happy.




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house cleaning services in Charlotte

“Your Services Sound Too Good To Be True”

There are so many benefits to having a weekly maid service with MaidThis. We have a no-nonsense approach in which we give our clients transparency at all stages of our booking process. We only work with screened professionals who provide high-quality services in record time. Our prices come with no hidden fees, which reduces stress. You will get coordinated and personalized services that you will not get anywhere else.

List of what maids do not do:

Wiping light fixtures: This causes electrical issues to happen, which is hazardous to everyone involved. They also avoid electrical outlets and fragile glass.

Moving furniture: Moving heavy furniture can be dangerous to our team. This kind of work is best left to professional movers.

Wall cleaning: Different types of wall treatments such as fabric, paint, and wallpaper can easily get damaged by cleaning products, chemicals, and friction.

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