What to Look for in a House Cleaning Service

When looking for a house cleaning service to hire, you should keep in mind the type of cleaning that you want. If you’re looking for a deep cleaning, a move-out cleaning, or just a regular cleaning, you’ll need to find a company that can provide what you need. Read on to know more.

Price varies by company

For a house cleaning service, prices vary depending on the area, size of the home, and condition of the home. The national average price for a maid service is $170 for three hours of work. Some individual house cleaners charge less than this.

House cleaners can charge by the hour or by the square foot. Most cleaning companies will provide a free estimate. However, most of the time you’ll have to schedule a visit to your home before the company can give you a price.

Whether you choose to use a flat fee or an hourly rate, the key to estimating the cost of a cleaning job is to estimate the amount of square feet. A house of a certain size will need more time to clean than a smaller house. Also, houses with more than one bathroom will incur extra charges.

Hourly rate

The price of a house cleaning service can vary greatly, and it’s important to know the price of each individual cleaning job before you hire a company. A general rule of thumb is to expect to pay between $25 and $90 per hour for a house cleaning service.

Cleaning rates are calculated based on the square footage of the home. Cleaners usually charge more for houses with more bathrooms, and more bedrooms, as these homes take more time to clean.

For example, a clean house with a 1,000 square foot house should cost about $120 to $150 to clean. This is a fair estimate. However, you might find that the actual cost will vary depending on the size and condition of the home.

Square footage

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Deep cleaning

A deep cleaning house cleaning service provides extra attention to your belongings. In addition to vacuuming and dusting, they can remove scuff marks from doors and disinfect electronics. Often, a professional service will also polish faucets and clean refrigerators.

Deep cleanings take more time than regular cleanings. The amount of time you can expect depends on the size of your home and the number of rooms.

Depending on the size of your house and the number of rooms you have, deep cleaning can take anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes per room. However, if your home has many nooks and crannies, it could take longer.

Move-out cleaning

Move-out cleaning is a chore that you don’t want to neglect. If you need your old home cleaned up before you move out, it may be best to hire a professional. A quality cleaning service will ensure that your house looks sparkling clean.

A good move-out cleaning service will provide you with a checklist to follow. This should include all of the items that should be wiped, sanitized, and vacuumed. It will also involve deep cleaning of the floors, countertops, and cabinets.

In addition, it is important that the service you choose offers a guarantee. Most companies will offer a money back guarantee, so that if you are not completely satisfied with their work, they will come back and complete the job.

Included services

One of the best ways to keep your home in tip top condition is to outsource the job to a qualified house cleaning service. Luckily, there are several service providers to choose from. For a competitive price, you can have the satisfaction of knowing you are in good hands. If you are in the market for a house keeper, make sure you check out the following checklist before you sign the dotted line. The above mentioned items are the foundation for a smooth cleaning experience. A brief walk through will likely yield a sparkling abode in no time. Moreover, a clean house is a happy family. Check this important info.