Airbnb Cleaning Fee: What Should You Charge Your Guests?

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There is so much responsibility involved with being an Airbnb host. Most of it includes dusting, scrubbing, and vacuuming. While it is a profitable side hustle, it is not always as fun as it seems but still Airbnb cleaning fee should be set clearly and fairly.

How much time do you spend cleaning when your guests leave? Do you want to get your time back? Having a cleaning fee is an important part of being a successful Airbnb host. This ensures that you will have satisfied guests. This also takes the guesswork of having to wash the towels and sheets once again.

Keep in mind that the fee can turn off potential guests. It can be a controversial and sensitive add-on. This guide will explain what to charge and how it could affect your future listings.

What Is An Airbnb Cleaning Fee?

The cleaning fee is a cost that’s added on by the host. It covers the expenses of cleaning the rental once their guest leaves. Not all Airbnb hosts include this fee. Some sneak it into their nightly rates.

The reason why you should consider a cleaning fee is to encourage vacation rental cleaning among your guests. This reminds them that you expect high standards from your guests. You want the rental to be as clean, hygienic, and comfortable for your guests as possible.

You may be split as to whether to include a cleaning fee. Or, you may decide to add it to your nightly rate. Each host is different in how they make their final prices and fees. You may want to consider the following factors when coming up with a cleaning fee:

  • What your competition is charging
  • How long it takes to clean your Cincinnati Airbnb rental
  • Whether it is a luxury property in a prestigious area

Whether you decide to include a cleaning fee or increase your nightly rate, it is reasonable to expect your guests to clean up after their stay. Include a list of responsibilities, a reminder, or a welcome letter. Ask them to wash the towels and strip the beds before leaving. Most guests will oblige, especially if you offer high-quality services.

Airbnb cleaning in Cincinnati, OH

How Airbnb Services Fees Work

The cleaning fee is an additional charge that’s added to the final booking fee. It is different from a security deposit, which is required to hold the rental. The cleaning fee is not refunded until the booking is complete and you are satisfied with the way the rental looks.

Cleaning fees never change according to the number of guests and length of stay. It only covers the costs involved for the cleaning service or products used.

What Does Airbnb Cleaning Fee Cover?

The Airbnb cleaning cost covers the expense it would take for the host to clean and prepare the rental for the next guest. Most guests expect the fee to cover the costs of the basic cleaning responsibilities. Mostly, the cleaning fee will cover:

  • Changing linens and towells
  • Cleaning cupboards and refrigerator
  • Cleaning supplies used
  • Restocking necessary supplies
  • Sprucing up the rooms
  • Total time spent cleaning
  • Washing dishes, floors, countertops, etc.

What is The Average Airbnb Cleaning Costs?

NerdWallet found that the average cleaning fee in June 2022 for a one-night stay was $75. However, cleaning fees can vary by property and location. NerdWallet found that most cleaning fees cost less than 10% of the reservation cost. There were also some properties that listed their cleaning fees between 20% and 29% of the listing price. Cleaning fees are also higher than the typical nightly rate.

Hire Your Own Airbnb Cleaners

It is more convenient to work with Airbnb housekeepers who offer a high level of service you would not get if you did it yourself. MaidThis can help you with this area. Your professional and skilled Airbnb cleaners give back your precious time. You can book an appointment on our easy-to-use app, where you can automate and schedule cleaning appointments at your ease.

We offer vacation rental cleaning in Cincinnati, Ohio. With your Airbnb cleaners, you will get prompt and precise service. There is full transparency throughout the process and you will not get any hidden fees or surprises. Every cleaner passes through a rigorous five-step screening process and has extensive vacation rental and Airbnb cleaning experience.

There are so many benefits to using our professional services. You will get friendly and knowledgeable cleaners who have experience with Airbnb rentals. They come with a ‘No-Show’ Guarantee, which means they always show up on time to provide rental cleaning services. You will get full transparency and photos of the services provided, plus a damage report via our mobile app. Contact MaidThis for more accurate and precise estimates.

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I prepare my Cincinnati vacation rental for cleaning services?

MaidThis Cincinnati allows you to leave all the home cleaning and preparation to professional maids. However, you can make the process easier by tidying up and moving things out of the way.

Should I provide cleaning products?

Most of your reliable cleaners come with their own cleaning products and equipment. They offer high-level service with commercial-grade products that are effective and safe.

How much do Airbnb cleaning services in Cincinnati, Ohio cost?

You can expect costs to be around $40 per hour. There are times when MaidThis offers promos and special discounts. As always, call us for accurate estimates.

Why should I use professional Aibnb cleaning services?

A professional Airbnb cleaning service removes the stress of knowing that you have to keep your vacation rental clean. You will feel bigger knowing experienced Airbnb housekeepers will properly clean all the areas and surfaces of your home. Professional cleaners only use the best cleaning products that are safe and effective.

How can I book an Airbnb cleaning in Cincinnati?

The best way is to call MaidThis Cincinnati or use our easy online booking form for faster service. Yes, it is this simple!

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