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Comprehensive Bathroom Cleaning Services

Other than the kitchen, the bathroom is the one room in your house that gets bombarded by dirt, grime, and bacteria. That’s why extra care needs to be taken when cleaning the bathroom. That’s why at a minimum, our MaidThis Cincinnati Ohio cleaners recommend cleaning the bathroom at least once a week.

We offer our Cincinnati bathroom cleaning services so customers like you can avoid the hard work and use your time elsewhere. As part of our menu of standard house cleaning services and or when doing bathroom deep cleaning, we include the following chores:

  • Cleaning and disinfecting tubs and shower enclosuess
  • Scrubbing and disinfecting toilets and sinks
  • Cleaning mirrors and light fixtures
  • Cleaning towel racks and other bathroom hardware
  • Cleaning of vanity tables
  • Cleaning countertops, linen closets, and cabinets/drawers
  • Mopping and waxing floors

Long List of Satisfied Clients

allison ting
allison ting
Isa Davis
Isa Davis
did a 1 time deep clean and they did such a great job in 4 hours - very affordable! easy to schedule, easy to coordinate, no issues at all. highly recommend!
Ali Markulis
Ali Markulis
Mayra was amazing! She really went over and above. I really appreciated her organizing the small details so I could feel fresh and clean for the week! 10/10 great service
AJ Radford
AJ Radford
Had a great experience. Cleaner was thorough and left my place sparkling!
Alice L Walker
Alice L Walker
Excellent customer service. Matched me with perfect cleaners and were super helpful!
Jonathan Marcus
Jonathan Marcus
I work for a company that needs continual cleaning services. After a bit of a search, I came across MaidThis. A year and half later, and I've enjoyed all of my cleaners: From Joao Q., to Lynda M., to Francis H., to Dolores M., to Kya K., and to Teresa B., they have all been a pleasure to work with and have been thorough in their cleaning. Let me not forget to mention Eddie & Grace from Sales, as they have been very patient, responsive, and accommodating as well. I would recommend that if you're in need of such services, and it's within your budget, MaidThis meets the level of professionalism you'd expect. They have clear and constant communication, the website is easy to use, and the cleaners are there to work. Give'em a try...
Viliam Kamula
Viliam Kamula
Great sevice
Stefany Luna
Stefany Luna
mario was so good! he left the place feeing fresh and super clean
Great professional service, extremely happy with the results!
Jonathan Cabin
Jonathan Cabin
They did a good job and were nice.
Bathroom cleaning services

Your Options for Having Bathroom Cleaned

There is nothing wrong with you cleaning your own bathroom. However, it’s going to take a lot of extra “elbow grease.” You also have to question whether or not you are willing to be as thorough as professional bathroom cleaners like MaidTHis.

Securing professional housekeeping services will always be your best home cleaning option. Why? As a quality maid service in Cincinnati, we contract with only the very best maids who use nothing but the very best cleaning supplies and products. Based on their years of cleaning experience, our maids know exactly what it’s going to take to leave your bathroom(s) sparkling clean, sterile, and smelling fresh.

As a reminder, our cleaning services include standard washroom cleanings as part of our weekly cleaning or monthly cleaning services. If you want a bathroom deep cleaning, be sure to ask for a quote.

It’s noteworthy that we do offer all of our bathroom cleaning services in Cincinnati based on an hourly rate. Again, be sure to ask for a quote.

Here is a comprehensive list of our services for bathrooms

Scrubbing toilets, tubs, faucets, and showers

Disinfecting toilets, tubs, showers, and sinks

Scrubbing and disinfecting cabinets and countertops

Cleaning of light fixtures and towel racks

Washing mirrors, cleaning walls and doorjambs

Cleaning bathroom floor (mopping and waxing)

Bathroom cleaning
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Your Trusted Source For Bathroom Cleaning

In our role as a reputable cleaning company, we are obligated to provide the highest level of cleaning services possible from simple apartment cleaning to complex commercial cleaning. To us, that means offering great customer service and professional cleaning at affordable prices with the willingness to stand by our work with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

To that end, we are proud of our success because that is exactly what we do. If you want a clean bathroom or a bathroom deep cleaning, you’ll find MaidThis Cincinnati in Ohio is hard to beat.

The best way to verify what we say is true is to call us today for a cleaning appointment!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does cleaning a bathroom include?

A standard cleaning would include scrubbing and disinfecting tubs, shower enclosures, sinks, toilets, and countertops. It would also include floor cleaning. If you want a deep cleaning (minimal additional cost), we can add cleaning light fixtures, cabinets, vanity desks, walls, linen closets, and doorjambs.

What is the standard procedure for cleaning the bathroom?

As is the case when cleaning most rooms, the standard procedure would be to work from the back of the bathroom towards the bathroom door. The procedure would also focus on cleaning at higher levels and working towards the floor. Each plumbing fixture would be scrubbed and disinfected.

How long should it take to clean a bathroom?

Our time estimate would be based on the number of bathrooms that need cleaning, the size of each bathroom, and the number/size of plumbing fixtures that are included in each bathroom. As a rough estimate, you can assume it would take professional cleaners like your housekeepers 1-2 hours per bathroom.


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