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Exploring Deep Cleaning a House Cost Options

As you might expect, the average cost for a deep cleaning house service will almost always exceed the average house cleaning cost for a standard cleaning. Why? Deep cleaning entails using a lot more “elbow grease” to get at the worst of grease and grime. It also entails adding cleaning tasks to a standard cleaning package.

By request, we are prepared to provide the deep house cleaning services you need. We offer a variety of ways to price out our deep cleaning services. For your benefit, we would use a pricing methodology that makes the most sense based on the circumstances surrounding your home. If you want, we could price it out in several different ways to help you identify the best price we can offer.

To answer the question of how much does a deep cleaning cost, let’s take a look at the pricing methodologies we can employ to come up with a deep cleaning cost for your home.

Cost per Square Foot

If you want deep cleaning done in every room, pegging the price to cost per square foot makes the most sense. We have several square-foot pricing models we can use to create a quote based on the depth of deep cleaning you want our cleaners to provide.

Determining the cost per square foot is simple. We would measure the area or areas to be cleaned and multiply it times our square footage rate.

Cost per Room

If by chance you want to have specific rooms cleaned, we could quote a price based on a per-room rate. Our per-room rates are based on the kind and size of rooms. The process is simple: You designate to room or rooms to be cleaned and we’ll state the price.

Flat Rate Pricing

If it makes sense for you, you can ask us to give you a flat rate quote. While the number of deep cleaning tasks included in this option might be limited, you would have some flexibility in choosing which tasks you want us to cover.

With frequent deep cleanings, you would be able to “mix and match” tasks each time.

One-Time vs. Recurring Services

It’s standard business practice for professional cleaning companies to give pricing concessions to recurring customers. If you are looking for a one-time deep cleaning, we would offer you a standard deep cleaning rate, which would probably be slightly higher than the quotes given to recurring clients.

If you would want recurring deep cleaning services, we would certainly be able to quote you a discounted rate. We would feel good about doing that because we benefit by knowing your home is getting regular professional cleanings. For us, it would be like using an average cost for a deep cleaning house service.

While we wouldn’t necessarily recommend weekly deep cleaning, monthly or quarterly deep cleanings would make a lot of sense.

Deep Cleaning Costs by Specific Needs

In some situations, it’s better for us to provide quotes based on a client’s specific cleaning needs. We often use this methodology when clients want to hire cleaners for a very specific reason. Airbnb rentals are a very common reason for clients having very specific deep cleaning needs. Also, our clients in Cincinnati commonly request these limited services to compensate for specific cleaning tasks they can’t or don’t want to cover on their one. Here are some tasks we can price separately.

Average cost of deep cleaning house

Carpets, Rugs, and Flooring

Carpets and rugs accumulate dirt commensurate with the amount of traffic they get. It’s noteworthy that kids can be a little tough on carpets and rugs. The same can be said about tile and wood flooring that tend to get scuffed up over time.

We offer two levels of flooring cleaning rates. One rate is when one of our contract cleanings can handle the floor deep cleaning on their own. This would typically include cleaning baseboards and floor waxing and polishing. If carpet and rugs need professional cleaning, we would charge a slightly higher rate to cover the cost of renting equipment or hiring a professional flooring company.

Ultimately, pricing would be set based on the square footage of the area or areas to be cleaned and the condition of the flooring.

Windows and Drapery

Window and window coverings seldom if ever get cleaned as part of a standard house cleaning package. It’s considered a special deep cleaning task because it demands extra effort and takes extra time.

Pricing for window washing and window cover cleaning is typically based on the number and size of windows and window coverings.

Kitchen Appliances and Surfaces

Since the kitchen is where food is stored and cooked, it needs to be well-maintained to avoid inviting pests to the party and the spread of harmful bacteria. Our kitchen-related deep kitchen cleaning prices are based on the number and condition of appliances, cabinets, and or countertops. Our deep cleaning prices for kitchens include:

  • Oven cleaning – inside and outside
  • Refrigerator cleaning- inside and outside
  • Cleaning under appliances
  • Cleaning and organizing cabinets and cupboards
  • Cleaning all countertops, including the grout

Furniture and Upholstery

Standard cleaning packages include dusting and polishing of furniture. Special pricing is requirement for deep cleaning furniture when the furniture needs special treatment or when upholstery needs washing/drying or cleaning like a rug or carpet.

The number of pieces and the condition of the furniture will determine the price quote.

Why Choose MaidThis Cincinnati

How much does a deep cleaning cost in Cincinnati

Based on our stellar reputation, we feel confident that MaidThis is one of the best cleaning companies in the Cincinnati area. Our cleaners consistently do great work that is affordable and fully backed by our customer satisfaction guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I have budget limitations, how often should I summon MaidThis for a deep cleaning service?

We completely understand the importance of budget considerations. To strike a balance between maintaining a clean home and managing expenses, we recommend scheduling deep cleaning services at least semi-annually.

Can you offer a quote to deep clean a garage, basement, or attic?

Certainly, we can provide you with a tailored quote for cleaning these specific areas, which we classify as specialized cleaning needs. Our pricing for these spaces will be structured to accommodate the unique cleaning requirements and size of the area, ensuring a fair and competitive estimate.

How much more is the average cost of deep cleaning than the average standard cleaning cost?

The cost of deep cleaning versus standard cleaning can vary based on factors such as the size of your home, the specific cleaning needs, and the cleaning package you choose. To provide you with an accurate estimate, we would need more details about your home and your cleaning preferences.

How many maids are included in the price of a deep cleaning in Cincinnati?

Our pricing is designed to ensure that your deep cleaning is carried out efficiently and effectively. The number of maids included in the price of a deep cleaning is determined by the size of your Cincinnati home and the scope of the cleaning required.

A Final Tip for You

Now that you have the deep cleaning cost guide, consider relieving your workload by letting professionals like MaidThis handle the cleaning. MaidThis is a trusted nationwide cleaning agency dedicated to giving you the freedom to relax and enjoy your leisure time.

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