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As a top-rated Airbnb/vacation rental cleaning service, we understand you face potential liabilities if renters get hurt through no fault of their own. It’s our goal to help you keep your guests safe and happy by making sure your rental is clean and organized when every new guest arrives. If professional cleaners notice potential safety issues, they will gladly point them out to you.










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About Our Professional Home Cleaning Process

You can learn more about our house deep cleaning service in Cincinnati through an understanding of our extreme cleaning process. Here is some information about the process that we follow with each client.

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Step 1

Schedule your appointment for cleaning services

We are happy to schedule your Airbnb cleaning or house cleaning services when it’s convenient for you and or your family. You can request your one-time or recurring housekeeping services online or by phone.

Step 2

Going through the cleaning process

From the moment professional maids arrive at your location on-time, they will start the extreme cleaning process. That will include making a list of each part of the process and checking off each part as they go.

Step 3

Report any issues after cleaning

The safety of you, your family, and or Airbnb guests is always one of our highest priorities. With that in mind, your maids are happy to report any damage or potential issues with no regard for how the damage or issues occurred.

Areas We Serve

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re in one of these areas!

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Available service areas:

41011, 41014, 41016, 41071, 41073, 41074, 41075, 45111, 45174, 45202, 45203, 45204, 45205, 45206, 45207, 45208, 45209, 45211, 45212, 45213, 45214, 45215, 45216, 45217, 45218, 45219, 45220, 45223, 45224, 45225, 45226, 45227, 45229, 45230, 45231, 45232, 45233, 45236, 45237, 45238, 45239, 45243, 45244, 45248, 45255

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Some Awesome Companies We Work With

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What is Included in Your House Deep Cleaning Service in Cincinnati?

When you hire a Cincinnati deep cleaning company like MaidThis, you have an absolute right to know what such home deep cleaning services include. Our professional deep cleaning services include:

Standard cleaning tasks icon

Detailed cleaning tasks (mopping, vacuuming, wiping countertops and plumbing fixtures, etc.)

Professional carpet cleaning icon

Professional deep carpet cleaning

Windows washing icon

Washing of windows and window coverings

Cleaning cupboards and appliances icon

Cleaning cupboards and appliances inside, outside and underneath

Cleaning baseboards icon

Cleaning baseboards, some light fixtures, and HVAC vents

What You Get

Here is what you can expect when you hire MaidThis for deep cleaning service in Cincinnati:

Experienced experts in house and Airbnb cleaning services

All house cleaning appointments will be met on time every time

Recurring automatic scheduling available online and by phone

Comprehensive photos of cleaned areas

Property damage issues reported via our mobile app

Free hugs and salutations on request

Professional cleaner

What You DO NOT Get

What you don’t get is just as important as what you do get. This includes:

Cleaning packages that require a lot of adjustments and over-management – please request necessary changes in advance

Comprehensive professional deep cleaning services with every cleaning – deep cleaning services are expensive and not needed more than intermittently. The cleaning goal will be directed at making sure guests always have a clean rental when they arrive

Bad deep home cleaning – your maids are proven experts that will do a professional and detailed cleaning of your home

Professional maid

Case Studies


Increase in Reservations


Increase in Ratings


Turnovers Automated

MaidThis Customer Success Story: Lauren Gibson

Lauren’s Results

Increase in revenue

Increase in positive reviews

Happy guests

Rentals cleaned to a high standard by professionals

How MaidThis helped Lauren

An easy scheduling system

Assigns highly trained, professional cleaners

Excellent support service

Affordable, consistent pricing with no surprises

Notifications, confirmation pictures and feedback

“I definitely think that as a company we’ve been able to make more money, not only because we’re saving money by using Maid This, but also because they’re helping take a few of the necessary evils with doing vacation rentals off of the property managers plate.”

Laura G, Property Manager


Increase in Reservations


Increase in Ratings


Turnovers Automated

MaidThis Customer Success Story: Davida, Individual Host

Davida’s Results

Ability to grow to 9 listings

Scaled her property management business

Looking to expand even more

How MaidThis helped Lauren

Multiple primary cleaners, always has a backup

Allowed her to focus on Airbnb management, not cleaners

Allowed Davida to take same-day check in cleanings, which was not done before

“One of the biggest benefits to MaidThis’ software is that it’s linked to the Airbnb calendar, and it instantly creates a cleaning schedule which takes a ton of work and pressure and thinking out of managing things.”

Davida H


Increase in Reservations


Increase in Ratings


Turnovers Automated

MaidThis Customer Success Story: Elizabeth K, Individual Host

Elizabeth’s Results

Fully remotely managed operation

Ability to grow to 7 listings

Increase in positive reviews

How MaidThis helped Elizabeth

Finding highly trained, professional cleaners for her, as she is out of state

Ability to grow without hiring a property manager

Notifications, confirmation pictures and feedback

“Fortunately, I came across MaidThis and that was the biggest hurdle. I mean, I can decorate any place in no time, but obviously, in this business, a partnership with the right cleaners is very pivotal, especially if you’re trying to scale your business.”

Elizabeth K


Increase in Monthly Revenue


Increase in Ratings


Cleanings Automated

MaidThis Customer Success Story: Plushy Host, Property Manager

Plushy Hosts’ Results

Saved a $30,000/mo revenue property

Scaled roster of properties without worrying about finding cleaners

Expanded geographies

How MaidThis helped Plushy

Flexibility in finding cleaners for their unique property setup

Allowed Plushy to easily manage high-volume properties due to smooth turnover cleaning program

Multiple primary cleaners who know Plushy’s setup

“It’s processes, procedures. MaidThis’s referral service is outstanding. You really are the exception to the rule. We wouldn’t be able to operate in San Francisco and Los Angeles if you guys didn’t have such great cleaners for us there”

Henry B

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for a maid service in Cincinnati to provide home deep cleaning services?

 It would depend on the size of your home and the service package requested. With that said, it will usually take 2 to 6 hours.

What is the cost for a Airbnb deep cleaning service in Cincinnati?

 It would depend on the size of the rental unit and the specific deel cleaning tasks to be included. We would be happy to come out and give you a free quote.

What if professional maids accidently break something?

It’s a very uncommon occurrence. However, professional maids are insured and bonded, and you can always contact us to try to resolve any issue that you encounter during or after maid cleaning service.

How often would you recommend house deep cleaning service?

 It would depend on the number of people in the household, the tideness of the occupants, and the frequency of regular cleaning activities. Every 3 to 6 months makes sense for most clients.

Can we request a particular maid who we feel gave us exceptional service?

 If you have a maid with which you feel comfortable, we will do everything in our power to make sure they are assigned to your account whenever you need us.

How can I find best deep cleaning in Cincinnati?

In the heart of Cincinnati, where life moves at a vibrant pace, ensuring the pristine cleanliness of your space can sometimes feel like a challenge. But fear not, for the solution to your deep cleaning needs is just a click away. Discover the art of impeccable deep cleaning services tailored to Cincinnati’s unique urban rhythm.

Discovering Reliable Deep Cleaning in Cincinnati: Your Pathway to Serenity

In the bustling urban landscape of Cincinnati, finding reliable deep cleaning services is no longer a daunting task. We understand that life’s demands can often leave your space yearning for a thorough rejuvenation. This is where we step in, transforming your environment into an oasis of cleanliness and freshness, providing you the peace of mind you deserve.

Cincinnati’s Premier Deep Cleaning Service: Your Partners in Cleanliness

Say goodbye to the stress of maintaining a spotless home amidst your busy schedule. Our professional deep cleaning services in Cincinnati are designed to cater to the specific needs of the city’s dynamic lifestyle. From the historic charm of Over-the-Rhine to the modern elegance of downtown, we bring you maid services that blends seamlessly with Cincinnati’s diverse neighborhoods.

The Deep Cleaning Experience: Cincinnati Edition

Imagine coming home to a space that gleams with a newfound radiance. Our Cincinnati deep cleaning services are meticulously crafted to create a haven of cleanliness in every corner of your abode. Dust and grime are banished, surfaces shine, and the air carries a sense of freshness that invigorates your senses.

Beyond Cleaning: Elevating Your Cincinnati Lifestyle

Our housekeeping services go beyond cleaning; they elevate your entire living experience. We understand that a clean space isn’t just about aesthetics—it’s about health, comfort, and overall well-being. Our deep cleaning services are aimed at creating an environment where you can thrive, where every room is a sanctuary of purity.

Why Choose Us for Your Cincinnati Deep Cleaning Needs?

Local Understanding: With a deep understanding of Cincinnati’s urban landscape, we cater our housekeeping services to your unique needs.

Reliability: Our commitment to punctuality and consistency ensures that your deep cleaning experience is seamless and stress-free.

Customization: We tailor our maid services to your home’s distinctive features and your specific preferences.

Quality Assurance: Our rigorous quality checks guarantee that every nook and cranny is meticulously cleaned.

Embrace Relaxation: Let professional maids handle the cleaning, so you can focus on embracing the comforts of your immaculate living space.

Elevate Your Cincinnati Living Experience

In the whirlwind of life, your home should be your sanctuary. Let us partner with you to create an environment that nurtures tranquility and rejuvenation. Our Cincinnati deep cleaning services are more than just a chore; they’re a commitment to enhancing your well-being, a gateway to a healthier lifestyle, and a testament to the value of a clean space.

Are you ready to embark on a journey towards a cleaner, more serene home? Contact us today to discover how our deep cleaning services can transform your Cincinnati abode into a haven of purity, ensuring that you not only live but thrive in comfort and style.

What sets apart the best deep cleaning service in Cincinnati, Ohio, from the rest?

The finest deep cleaning service in Cincinnati, Ohio stands out through its blend of expertise, commitment to quality, and tailored approach to excellent housekeeping service. Unlike ordinary cleaning services, the best maid providers understand the unique demands of Cincinnati’s urban lifestyle and customize their offerings accordingly. Their maid teams are locally knowledgeable, ensuring every nook and cranny of your space receives meticulous attention. Punctuality and reliability are their hallmarks, promising a seamless experience. This level of service isn’t just about cleaning; it’s about elevating your living environment to new heights of cleanliness, comfort, and rejuvenation.

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