The 5-Step Cleaner Screening Process

Our time-tested approach to finding 5-star cleaners and earning 5-star reviews.


Only 2% of all applicants are able to pass our strict vetting process!

Phase 1 Online Application

First, the applicant must pass our custom-made online test. If they complete it successfully, they can move on to the second step.

Phase 2 1st Phone Screening

A MaidThis Cleaning Cincinnati recruiter will get on the phone with the prospective candidate and thoroughly interview them.

Phase 3 In-Person Meeting

We meet the candidate face-to-face and have them answer various questions to determine if their personality and work experience fits our platform.

Phase 4 Orientation

This is when the screening process really ramps up! The orientation stage helps us figure out what the candidate is really capable of.

Phase 5 Background

We're almost at the finish line! To ensure our clients' safety and peace of mind, we must verify that the applicant has a clean record and background.