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Turnover Cleaning

1BR (1,000 sq ft)
2BR (1,250 sq ft)
3BR (1,500 sq ft)
4BR (2,000 sq ft)

Price Range: Clients who have more than 10 turnovers per month may qualify for a discounted rate. Easily automate your scheduling by syncing calendars.

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What Can I Have Cleaned?

Every cleaner we send you has passed our strict 5-step vetting process and has extensive hotel/vacation rental cleaning experience. While you're free to create a custom checklist for your cleaner, here's what's normally included in a vacation rental turnover:

Laundry : Wash linens and towels

Make bed w/fresh linens

Sweep and Mop Floors

Vacuum Carpet and Rugs


Clean Mirrors

Clean Toilets

Empty Inside Trash and Place in

Outside Bins

Wipe Countertops

Wash, Dry, Put Away Dishes

Bathtubs/ Showers

Fridge Cleaning

Stove Cleaning

What You Get

Knowledgeable and dependable cleaning experts who have experience in VRBO and Airbnb cleaning.

Never a ‘No-Show’ Guarantee – a cleaner will ALWAYS show up to perform your vacation rental cleaning.

Fast, user-friendly scheduling process you can access from any device.

Photos of the completed cleaning.

Damage report through the app.

Free hugs (upon request)!


What You DO NOT Get

Unlimited free-of-charge personalization of cleaning packages isn’t included. You’ll have to let us know in advance if you’d like to adjust your service. 🙂

Highly detailed Airbnb cleanings are an exception, not the norm, due to being way too costly and time-consuming to be done on every turnover. The goal is to present your guests with a safe and tidy environment, not take away from your bottom line.

You’ll never receive a low-quality service or have to deal with unreliable or bad-tempered cleaners.

How The MaidThis Cleaning Cincinnati Process Works

Step 1

Automated scheduling

We will sync our software with your calendar, so your turnover cleaning will be automatically booked right after a guest checks-out.

Step 2

Your primary/backup cleaners arrive

You will be matched with 2-3 "primary" cleaners who have passed our 5-step vetting process and have experience in Airbnb and VRBO cleaning.

Step 3

Reporting any damages

If you so prefer, your cleaner will also inspect your property for damages and notify you when supplies are running low. All this will greatly streamline your operations.

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We're proud of our many loyal customers

At first I tried to take care of all of the cleaning process myself, and it turned out to be a bigger headache than anything else. So a friend told me about MaidThis and its been fantastic. I’ve been working with my cleaners for a few months so far. I recommend you check out the service for yourself.

Airbnb Host


I definitely think that as a company we've been able to make more money, not only because we're saving money by using Maid This, but also because they're helping take a few of the necessary evils with doing vacation rentals off of the property managers plate.

Laura G
Property Manager


Lorena and Augustin have cleaned our apartment on several occasions now and are amazing. They get every detail - including de-furring our cat castle - and are extremely efficient. Using the MaidThis service is also very convenient, with great customer service. I highly recommend.

Lindsey Raleigh
Monthly Cleaning Client


I have used several cleaners as an AirBnB host and the MaidThis service is by far the best. The main reason is that you have a real team behind the web presence who are ready to jump in and help at any time - a big difference from other web services out there who tend to cancel last minute and are unable to find replacement cleaners. MaidThis has A+ customer service / support and there has never been a no-show.

Vlad S
Weekly Cleaning Client


I've been using MaidThis for years. Their automatic booking system is flawless and totally takes away the need to manually schedule service for Airbnb cleanings. All cleaning crews they refer are good, which is remarkable. The management is responsive to feedback and they are continually improving the technology behind their services. Thanks MaidThis!

Micah Sloat
Bi-Weekly Cleaning Client


Fantastic, easy-to-use and super thorough cleaning service. Works perfectly for my part-time Airbnb!

Kristyn Armour
Monthly Cleaning Client


I highly recommend maidthis. I have a vacation rental in Long Beach that is cleaned by Marlyn and Lani a few times a week. They do an amazing job and are very professional. They clean the entire plave, put dishes away, do laundry, refill supplies. They automaticly sync with my calendars on Airbnb and VRBO so I dont have to do any scheduling. It's soo easy. Additionally after each cleaning i recieved a report out with pictures of the completed cleaning and they will flag anything damaged or needing attention. I highly recommend Maidthis they are very professional and have great communication.

Jessica Pummel
Weekly Cleaning Client


Awesome and convenient cleaning service. I use this company for all of my AirBnB cleaning needs. I list multiple vacation rental properties and need them cleaned quickly, and MaidThis works with me to manage my schedule and act as a partner. They do a terrific job, would highly recommend.

Charles H
Bi-Weekly Cleaning Client


Maid for Airbnb users! This service is the best and Neel the owner is just a good guy all around. I'm out of the country and have my home in LA listed on Airbnb. I just go online to their website, pick the service I need, and voila, my house is cleaned and ready for the next guests, with in the same day. I've been booking back to back to back guests and the team totally comes on time and all of the guests are very happy with home. And if there is something in the house that needs addressed, the cleaners text me right away. Very happy to have found Neel and MaidThis! Great company, can't say enough.

Kimberly C
Monthly Cleaning Client


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