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  • Upfront pricing and choice of cleaning packages
  • Reschedule or cancel anytime you need
  • Cleaners from Cincinnati’s best professionals
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  • Easy automatic residential cleaning scheduling
  • You have full reporting control
  • Guaranteed never a no-show
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Get Smooth Residential Cleaning Service

MaidThis Cincinnati is a specialty cleaning company offering you professional cleaners with multiple skills. Whether you need a single housekeeping appointment, ongoing scheduled visits, deep cleaning, move-in or move-out cleaning or sanitizing, expert maids can meet your needs.

Simple Scheduling Process

When you need our residential cleaning service in Cincinnati, you can book your professional cleaners in a matter of minutes via our simple online platform or by calling a MaidThis representative.

Efficient housekeeping services

Your home cleaning is completed by experienced house cleaners who are organized and speedy. Once you’ve enjoyed the experience of quality housekeeping service, you’ll want to make it part of your life.

An opportunity to unwind

Few experiences are as satisfying as returning home with the assurance that upon your arrival, the housekeeping chores will have been taken care of, leaving your home smelling pleasantly clean and fresh.

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Our 5-Step Cleaner Screening Process

At our cleaning company, we hold to the highest standard by partnering only with the most exceptional maids that Cincinnati has to offer. To uphold this promise, we’ve crafted a rigorous 5-step screening process that guarantees unparalleled quality.

Only 2% of domestic maid applicants make it through this screening process


Online Application

Every prospective maid embarks on their journey by submitting a comprehensive online application. This meticulous questionnaire provides us with a window into their experience within Cincinnati’’s maid service landscape, allowing us to gauge their expertise.


Phone Interview

Communication is key, and our contracted cleaners must possess impeccable skills. Prior to an in-person meeting, we engage in a thorough phone interview. This step grants us insight into their character, background, and communication prowess.


The Face-to-Face Encounter

In-person meetings with you cleaners to be, offer us a unique opportunity to delve beyond the surface. As we sit down with potential maid service contractors, we examine their demeanor, grooming, and delve deep into their professional journey. Our goal is to ensure their alignment with our dynamic cleaning services.


Prospect Maid Orientation

Transparency is the cornerstone of any fruitful partnership. As a testament to this principle, we acquaint each maid candidate with our cleaning company’s ethos before any commitment is solidified. This fosters a shared understanding that resonates throughout their service journey.


Thorough Background Check

Our commitment to you is unwavering trust. Before any maid steps foot into your space, we undertake a comprehensive background check. This unyielding measure ensures that the person we send to your abode is someone whose history aligns with our dedication to excellence.

Long List of Satisfied Clients

allison ting
allison ting
Isa Davis
Isa Davis
did a 1 time deep clean and they did such a great job in 4 hours - very affordable! easy to schedule, easy to coordinate, no issues at all. highly recommend!
Ali Markulis
Ali Markulis
Mayra was amazing! She really went over and above. I really appreciated her organizing the small details so I could feel fresh and clean for the week! 10/10 great service
AJ Radford
AJ Radford
Had a great experience. Cleaner was thorough and left my place sparkling!
Alice L Walker
Alice L Walker
Excellent customer service. Matched me with perfect cleaners and were super helpful!
Jonathan Marcus
Jonathan Marcus
I work for a company that needs continual cleaning services. After a bit of a search, I came across MaidThis. A year and half later, and I've enjoyed all of my cleaners: From Joao Q., to Lynda M., to Francis H., to Dolores M., to Kya K., and to Teresa B., they have all been a pleasure to work with and have been thorough in their cleaning. Let me not forget to mention Eddie & Grace from Sales, as they have been very patient, responsive, and accommodating as well. I would recommend that if you're in need of such services, and it's within your budget, MaidThis meets the level of professionalism you'd expect. They have clear and constant communication, the website is easy to use, and the cleaners are there to work. Give'em a try...
Viliam Kamula
Viliam Kamula
Great sevice
Stefany Luna
Stefany Luna
mario was so good! he left the place feeing fresh and super clean
Great professional service, extremely happy with the results!
Jonathan Cabin
Jonathan Cabin
They did a good job and were nice.

Why Choose MaidThis Home Cleaning Services in Cincinnati

Before entrusting your maids with the responsibility of home cleaning, it’s your prerogative to understand why MaidThis cleaning in Cincinnati is the definitive choice. Here, we present three compelling reasons that underscore why we stand as the ultimate selection for intricate cleaning endeavors:

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Your Schedule, Your Terms

At MaidThis, we champion flexibility as a cornerstone of our cleaning service. We empower you to dictate the optimal time for your professional residential cleaning services. Your convenience reigns supreme – you craft the cleaning timetable, and your skilled maids stand ready to commence their transformative work precisely as scheduled.

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Dynamic Team Synergy

The true potency of your cleaning team is woven from the intricate threads of diversity and expertise. This rich tapestry of skills enables us to curate the perfect match for your specific cleaning needs, whether it’s standard home cleaning or comprehensive home deep cleaning. Each assignment is met with a meticulously selected maid, perfectly aligned to orchestrate an exceptional cleaning symphony.

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Cincinnati’s Trusted Choice

Our reputation, firmly rooted in Ohio’s soil, has been meticulously crafted through an unwavering commitment to housekeeping excellence. Our legacy has been built upon consistently delivering premium house detailed cleaning and extending to vacation rental/Airbnb spaces. A sense of accomplishment envelops us only when the dwelling in focus gleams with a spotless allure, emanating the invigorating fragrance of a brand-new abode.




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MaidThis Cincinnati trust badge
House cleaning services in Cincinnati, Ohio

We’re not happy unless you’re happy

It’s imperative to acknowledge that within the realm of detailed cleaning, certain tasks merit discretion. Herein, we present three maid service tasks that your diligent cleaning experts are guided to approach with prudence:

MaidThis Cincinnati lamp cleaning icon

Wall Washing Nuances

In the delicate act of wall washing, we exercise caution. Chemicals that might compromise paint or wall coverings are meticulously avoided, safeguarding the pristine essence of your interiors.

MaidThis Cincinnati furniture cleaning icon

The Challenge of Heavy Furniture

The realm of heavy furniture beckons circumspection. We avoid its movement when the specter of potential injury or property damage looms, honoring your safety and your space.

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Asset Cleaning

Certain household treasures, deserving of reverence, are treated with discretion. Your maids will refrain from cleaning or polishing assets that might be susceptible to inadvertent harm, preserving their splendor.

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Residential unit in Cincinnati, Ohio

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to supply cleaning products?

No. After many years of experience, the products used by Cincinnati residential cleaning services are chosen because they’re safe, effective, economical, and fresh-scented. To protect you and your home, we use disposable personal protective equipment as an additional method to prevent the transfer of disease-causing microorganisms. If you have any questions, please contact us!

How does residential cleaning differ from commercial cleaning?

Offices require basic janitorial maintenance services. Homes are where we cook, eat, sleep, heal, play, relax, socialize with humans and pets, exercise, party, squabble, kick back, grow plants, enjoy hobbies, and engage in every conceivable human activity including being born and dying. Homes demand attentive cleaning that often involves a variety of substances not found in offices.

How do I know which home cleaning services to choose?

It depends on the size of your home, the age of the building, its condition, the geographical location, what the home is made from, and the degree of insulation. Other factors include the number and activity level of inhabitants. Cincinnati needs special attention to pollen and mold!

How often should my home be professionally cleaned?

MaidThis Cincinnati offers a range of choices. You can schedule maintenance housekeeping every week or month, as often as you choose. If you want a deep cleaning before hosting an event, let us handle it! Many people schedule a comprehensive treatment every six to twelve months for their health. We also do move-in and move-out cleaning to lighten your load.

Can residential house cleaning services be customized?

Absolutely yes! Contact us by phone or online to describe what you want. Choose from pre-set packages or direct us to focus on particular areas or tasks. The fee varies depending on the intensity of the work. Your satisfaction is our goal, so good communication is the key to success.

Can I expect flexibility about changing schedules or last-minute requests?

Yes. Our simple online app lets you set up your preferred schedule, but we understand how surprises in life happen to everyone! Contact us online or by phone — we’ll make sure the job gets done.

How long does cleaning a home in Cincinnati take?

The condition and size of the home affect the answer. A basic home cleaning takes at least two hours, depending on the square footage. Generally, a professional maid can clean an average three-bedroom home in three to four hours. We can give you an estimate when we know more about the house.

Do I have to be there while the cleaners are working?

Your presence for the first visit is a good idea so you and your cleaner can do a walk-through together. Then it’s up to you. Each maid we send out has had a background check, careful screening for experience and reliability, and is bonded and insured. You get the best of the best in Cincinnati.

Are all cleaners cleared to work in the Cincinnati, OH?

Definitely yes. To provide you with the best quality service, we faithfully obey all federal and state regulations. That includes the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA). We obtain and maintain all necessary documentation so that you can feel confident about our cleaning company. We stay clean so we can clean for you!

How do I need to prepare for the cleaning visits?

Your cleaner works faster when general clutter is cleared to make accessible pathways through the house to each room. Surfaces to be dusted and wiped should be tidy. Fragile objects should be secured. Plumbing and lighting should be functional. Pets should be controlled to prevent excessive enthusiasm and distraction.