How to Clean Your Rugs the Right Way: Everything You Should Know

Rugs are both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, they look great, they warm your feet, and they feel lovely to walk on. But they also attract dust, allergens, and toxins, and soak up any liquids that get spilled on them, resulting in stains that are hard to get out.

In addition to all that, a top-notch rug and carpet cleaning takes a lot of time and effort to achieve, which is why most people outsource it to professional cleaning services in Santa Monica.

In this article, we’ll answer a few common rug-cleaning questions and give you some tried-and-true tips that will make cleaning your rugs and removable carpets far easier. Read on to learn more.

How do you clean a large area rug at home?

No matter how tidy you are, there comes a time when giving your rug a quick vacuuming while tidying up your living room is no longer enough. In order to remove stubborn stains, dust, and dust mites, you’ll need to give your rug a thorough cleaning.

In order to clean a big area rug at home, you should:

  • Pick a sunny, warm day and take your rug outside. Find a surface that can carry its weight (wall, bench, strong rope stretched between two trees, etc.) and lay the rug over it.
  • Vacuum both sides of the rug to remove any lingering dust. Give your rug a good beating with a broom handle to really knock the dust out.
  • Test your carpet shampoo by applying it to a small area of your rug and letting it thaw for a few hours. This is to prevent accidental fiber or color damage that may be caused by a bad shampoo.
  • Wash the rug and apply your shampoo of choice.
  • Rinse the rug.
  • Let the rug dry.
  • Vacuum one more time.

How do you clean a large area rug on hardwood floors?

Cleaning a rug on a hardwood floor is risky unless you know exactly what you’re doing. Doing it wrong can damage your hardwood floor, which will cost a lot more to repair than a professional rug cleaning ever could.

If you insist on going through with it, you should:

  • Get a thick plastic sheet that doesn’t tear easily and is considerably larger than the rug you want to clean. It must also be waterproof.
  • Place it underneath the rug before you start cleaning. Tape the ends to the floor to keep it from sliding around while you clean.

Also, keep in mind that a true area rug is too massive for one person to clean. You should either get some friends to help you, or have your rug cleaned by a reputable maid service in Santa Monica.

How do you clean a white rug?

As with white furniture and clothes, keeping a white rug clean is all about being consistent. Vacuum your rug at least twice a week, and regularly brush pet hair out. If the rug is small, don’t hesitate to pick it up and shake it out. Using a steam cleaner twice a year or so will help it retain its pristine look for longer.

Who provides the most trusted cleaning services in Santa Monica?

There’s no doubt about it: rug cleaning is a huge hassle that’s best left to the experts. Maid This is a first-rate referral agency in Santa Monica that works with second-to-none cleaning pros who have the tools and the expertise necessary to provide superb rug cleanings.

Of course, the maids we team up with can also provide a slew of other cleaning services, including superior shower cleaning and toilet mold removal. By outsourcing your cleaning to them, you’ll be regaining the leisure time you need to enjoy yourself with your loved ones at Palisades Park.

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