Everything You Need to Know About Airbnb Cleaning

How to Clean your Airbnb ApartmentAre you a homeowner looking to make some extra cash off of your summer house? Or maybe you’re an entrepreneur interested in renting out apartments in a popular tourist destination? Whatever your situation, without a professional Airbnb cleaning service backing you up, your rental property is going to have trouble getting the good reviews it needs to attract guests.

Understanding what an Airbnb cleaning service does, and why you shouldn’t go it yourself, is critical if you want to reap the full benefits of your vacation rental. By outsourcing your Airbnb cleaning to a professional cleaning service like Maid This, you’ll be avoiding Airbnb cleaning mistakes that can drive away potential guests, as well as ensuring your rental gets the attention it deserves.

And best of all? With the right maid service, Airbnb cleaning costs in Orange County don’t have to be high at all. Read on to learn why successful rental owners always have their properties cleaned by the pros, and how it can help you get the most out of your rental.

How is Airbnb cleaning different from standard cleaning?

Many people assume that, when it comes to keeping it clean, an Airbnb is just like any other house or apartment. It doesn’t require special cleaning products or techniques that are vastly different from what a regular person would use in their own home, right? If only it were that simple!

The truth is, the attractiveness of an Airbnb rental property depends almost entirely on the online reviews it receives from the people who stayed at it. You may not think a few stains or dust bunnies are a big deal, but that’s all the reason a guest needs to give you a one or two star rating on Airbnb.

In other words, all it takes is a few negative or lukewarm reviews, and it’s going to discourage the vast majority of people who look at your listing on Airbnb. That’s why you should ensure your rental property is always in tiptop shape. The best possible advertisement an Airbnb listing can get is to be rated highly by previous visitors.

How to clean your Airbnb apartment?

Because of the aforementioned reasons, you have to be extremely thorough when cleaning your Airbnb property. Make sure the space is regularly and extensively ventilated. It’s no secret that inside air is often more polluted than outside air. Don’t let the smell of stale air be the first thing your guests notice when they enter your rental.

How to automate your Airbnb cleaning

Dust every nook and cranny you can get at. The kitchen is an especially important area, so make sure you wipe every inch. Don’t forget to clean the appliances and empty the fridge. It goes without saying that all trash cans should be 100% empty and that none of your guests should find any trash left by the previous visitors.

A dirty bathroom will get you bad ratings faster than anything else, so take your time and make it shine. Don’t forget to regularly clear the drainage. And above all, you don’t want your clients finding stray hairs all over the place, which is why you should double-check every corner and piece of furniture to ensure they are hair-free.

How to automate your Airbnb cleaning?

Does the above sound like it takes a large amount of time, effort, and experience to do well? Unfortunately, that’s just how these things are. Luckily, you can automate your Airbnb cleaning in a way that allows you to focus on your other duties as a host. You shouldn’t have to worry that your guests will be put off by some detail you forgot to clean.

The best way to go about it is to hire an Airbnb cleaning company, and either have them clean your Airbnb between guest bookings, or schedule regular cleanings. This is a way to make sure your apartment will always be cleaned to professional standards, as if it were a part of a first-rate hotel. This is why you need expert maids who know the ins and outs of Airbnb cleaning, and who will always make your property squeaky clean and ready to admit visitors.

Scheduling periodic deep cleanings is another important step you should take if you want to be certain of always having a pristine Airbnb. This not only ensures lasting cleanliness and positive reviews, it also gives you peace of mind. Your guests will be having a great time at Costa Mesa, happy that they’ve rented your Airbnb and eager to do it again next year.

How does Airbnb security deposit work?

In a perfect world, accidents would never happen and every client would treat your Airbnb with the same care with which they treat their own home. Unfortunately, this is not a perfect world, and Airbnb hosts often have to protect their assets by setting up a security deposit that covers small damages that otherwise wouldn’t be covered by the Host Guarantee.

When a guest makes a reservation, you can make a claim for the deposit before the guest can be charged. In case there are damages to your property, you can make a claim on the security deposits within two weeks of the guest’s check-out date. You can either mediate the collection of the deposit with their client, or have Airbnb do it for you.how does airbnb security deposit work

What is the best Airbnb cleaning service in Orange County?

The benefits of scheduling a top-of-the-line Airbnb cleaning company go far beyond just making sure your rental property is sparkling clean. It sets a high standard of quality that will be appreciated not only by your guests, but also by yourself. Here at Maid This, we know that, once you see how wonderfully spotless your Airbnb can be, you will never again want to rent it out in any other state.

By taking full advantage of our services, you’re not only making a good business decision, you’re also giving yourself the free time you need to enjoy the things that truly matter. Reach out to us today. We can’t wait to give you and your clients the gift of a fresh, squeaky clean rental.

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