What Cleaning Supplies Does Airbnb Need?

What Cleaning Supplies Does Airbnb Need

How to Present Your Cleaning Standards to Your GuestsIn an effort to combat the coronavirus crisis and keep dangerous germs out of Airbnb properties, Airbnb has recently released an enhanced cleaning protocol. Hosts who follow these new guidelines are not only sure to create a safer environment for their guests, but also to get more bookings and better ratings than those who don’t. 

In previous articles, we explained what this new cleaning checklist entails and how to implement it. Now we’ll expand on that by providing you with a list of crucial supplies you’ll need in order to perform these in-depth cleanings.

The items in the following list are universal, so they will be useful to you regardless of whether you clean your Airbnb or vacation rental yourself or you use the services of an expert Airbnb property manager in Orange County who handles the cleaning on your behalf. Read on to learn more. 

Which cleaning supplies do I need for my Airbnb cleaning?

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we do most things in our daily lives, and cleaning is no exception. In addition to specialized cleaning products, you’ll also need to stock up on protective gear in order to avoid infection while cleaning.

Here’s what you’ll need when cleaning your Airbnb:

Protective equipment:

*Face mask (if unavailable, you can substitute a cloth facial covering)

*Disposable gloves (we recommend using a pair for each room in the property)

*Coverings for your footwear

*Gown or apron

*Safety glasses

Hygiene supplies for your guests:

* Disposable gloves

* Disinfectant spray or wipes

*Hand soap

*Antibacterial hand sanitizer

*Paper towels

*General-purpose household cleaner

Cleaning products:

* General-purpose household cleaner

* Wood polish


*Laundry stain remover

*Oven cleaner

*Dishwashing soap

*Furniture polish

*Laundry detergent

*Oven degreaser

*Mold cleaner (if needed)

*Specialized carpet cleaner

*Floor cleaner

*Glass cleaner

Cleaning equipment:

*Scrub pads




*Dishwashing machine

*Trash bags

*Microfiber cleaning cloths

*Washer and dryer



*Paper towels

*Step ladder (or a chair you can climb on)

*A brush for scrubbing

*Vacuum cleaner

*Spare vacuum bags

EPA-approved sanitizer and disinfectant:

Cleaning on its own won’t kill or even remove all the germs on a surface. To do that, you’ll also need to apply a quality disinfectant. When purchasing household disinfectants, always choose one that has been recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). 

When using disinfectants, remember to:

* Familiarize yourself with the instructions on the bottle before using the product. These chemicals tend to be stronger than everyday cleaning products, and as such they should be kept out of reach of children and applied with utmost care.

* Avoid “green” solutions such as essential oils and vinegar. While these substances can sometimes be useful for cleaning, they don’t have any proven disinfectant properties.

* Refrain from mixing chemicals such as ammonia and bleach. Doing so can produce toxic fumes that may aggravate respiratory conditions and cause a variety of other health problems.

* Disinfectant wipes are also useful. Just remember to keep the surfaces wet long enough for the product to do its job. Exactly how long they need to stay wet varies from product to product, so make sure to read the instructions on the label. 

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Which cleaning supplies do I need for my Airbnb cleaningOne of the most unpleasant experiences an Airbnb guest can have is to arrive at a badly cleaned vacation rental property. Needless to say, hosts who don’t give their properties proper cleanings won’t stay in business for long.

MaidThis is here to help. We work with Orange County’s finest cleaning pros who will happily clean and disinfect your Airbnb rental while you relax with your friends or do some much-needed shopping at The Village at Orange. Contact us today. 

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