Common Cleaning Mistakes

common cleaning mistakes

Needless to say, the easiest and most reliable way to have a sparkling clean home is to hire our exceptional Redondo Beach cleaning service and kick back while the enthusiastic maids we work with spin their cleaning magic. Not that we can’t achieve similar results, from squeaky clean windows to spotless floors and carpets, it just takes us more time and some handy know-how. Chances are, you’re unknowingly making at least a few common cleaning mistakes that actually make your place dirtier and slow down the cleaning process. To top it all off, there’s a whole lot of decluttering to do from time to time, making your home a total mess.

Keeping your home tidy is one of those big obligations you never thought about when you were a kid and family members asked you what you were going to do when you grew up. Most people look for ways to quickly clean their home, but maybe speed is not what you should be focusing on. That being said, here’s a list of things to avoid doing when going about the business of making your home spotless.

Too much cleaning product

More doesn’t equal better when it comes to using cleaning supplies. Applying a lot of cleaning product tends to oversaturate most cleaning materials such as microfiber cloths, and results in streaks being left with each pass. Worse, you’ll end up wasting even more time wiping away the overspray than you will cleaning your baseboards, windows, or countertops. When it comes to avoiding common cleaning mistakes, sticking to the “less is more” approach really is the way to go!

Using dirty cloths

Many people make the mistake of having one or two cloths they use for most of their cleaning. If you’re cleaning with dirty cleaning materials, you may as well not bother because you’ll end up unintentionally spreading grime and grease all over the surfaces you’re trying to wipe. Worse, this can also be unhealthy. It seems obvious, but it’s easily one of the most common cleaning mistakes we see homeowners make. Take extra care to freshen clothes and rinse sponges, especially if you’re doing difficult housekeeping tasks such as cleaning the light fixtures or scrubbing the freezer.

Using wrong products

A great way to spend too much time – or outright waste it – is to use cleaning products for tasks they aren’t suited to. To top it all off, it can damage your property. For example, using too-rough steel wool to scrub spots off your windows can leave permanent scratches. Sometimes, the best guidelines on how to wash windows or stone surfaces can be found in the descriptions of your cleaning products. Take the time to read them and understand what each cleaning product is designed for, and you will avoid headaches later on.

One of the most common cleaning mistakes is not leaving it to the pros

As with everything in life, hiring expert help is sure to yield better results than going it alone. More importantly, by outsourcing your cleaning to Maid This, the finest cleaning service Redondo Beach residents have ever seen, you’re also reclaiming the one thing you can never have in abundance – free time! Our easy-to-use booking method enables you to schedule a cleaning in under a minute, and our two-part satisfaction guarantee ensures that, should you be unhappy with any part of our cleaning, we’ll come back and fix it at no extra cost to you! Reach out to Maid This today and get the cleaning of your dreams!

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