Updating a Vacation Rental for “Covid-Era” Guests

ways to update a vacation rental during coronavirus from MaidThis.com

ways to update a vacation rental during coronavirus from MaidThis.com

It’s becoming more and more clear that Covid-19 isn’t going anywhere: The changes we’ve been making to our “normal” lives – including social distancing, going out less, and wearing masks in public places – are here to stay for the foreseeable future. How long we need to actually keep these measures remains a mystery, but the knowledge that they are necessary is not.

With that knowledge in hand, we all must transition away from how we operated before and start implementing new systems. As a vacation rental host, you’re likely already doing a number of things to reassure your potential guests that you care about their health and safety. As bookings pick up, however, there are a few non-health-related things you can do to potentially increase your booking rate.

Here are our 2 big tips for updating a vacation rental for Covid “era” guests.


1. Invest in some “work from home” furniture.

With the “work from home” trend now kicked into full gear, it’s pretty clear that many companies are seeing the benefits of letting their staff work outside the office. Not only is it safer in the age of coronavirus, but studies have shown for years that remote workers are more productive than those who trudge to an office space every day.

With that information in hand, it makes sense to ensure your Airbnb is remote work-friendly. 

If you don’t already have a small work station set up in your vacation rental, now is the time to do it. Depending on how much space you have, you can create an entire work area for guests who will also be on the job during their stays. Add a desk, an ergonomic chair, a surge-protecting extension cord or two, and a desk lamp to your setup.

Need some inspiration? Check out these handy ideas for small office spaces and nooks from The Spruce.


2. Upgrade your kitchen basics.

Though the economy is opening back up and as a community, we need to make an effort to support local small businesses, plenty of people are still leery of going out and sitting in restaurants or cafes – and for good reason: There’s no eatery that can promise a “no-risk experience.”

So, while we can, at the very least, advocate for guests to order takeout or opt for food delivery services, you as a host can also make it easier  for them to prepare meals “at home.” This is a great option for updating a vacation rental for Covid “season.”

Take an inventory of what your Airbnb kitchen currently offers in terms of utensils and small appliances. What can you upgrade to make your guests stay more comfortable and more enjoyable to cook?


What can you upgrade?

Consider upgrading your pots and pans set – either to ones of better quality, larger sizes, or possibly adding a few extras to broaden the size range. Toss in a few extra “specialty” gadgets that might go over well, such as this OXO avocado slicer, this AdeptChef Stainless Steel Fish Spatula, or a countertop indoor grill for sandwiches, paninis, and burgers.

You could even up your coffee game and add a quality bean grinder, a milk frother, or possibly even a single-cup brewing system.


These are just a couple of ideas to better improve the quality of your guests’ stays as we all transition into what are becoming new norms in life. From going out less and eating in more to working outside of the office, ensuring you can cater to Covid-driven needs and desires is one of the best ways to further set yourself apart from other vacation rental listings and pull your booking rates closer to where they were pre-pandemic.

Looking for more ideas to keep your guests safe and ensure them of the steps you’re taking? Be sure to check out our MaidThis Covid -19 Resource Center.


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