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Our Deep Cleaning Services

House cleaning service benefits


  • You’ll have a clear idea of the cost as soon as you book one of our maids
  • If a scheduled cleaning doesn’t work for you, you can cancel at any time
  • Our cleaners are carefully screened and are top-notch choices
Vacation rental/Airbnb service benefits

Vacation Rental

  • You can book your next cleaning automatically
  • You’ll get confirmation when the vacation rental is fully cleaned
  • You won’t have to worry about no-shows from your maid service
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Importance of a Professional Deep Cleaning Services

Whether you’re trying to thoroughly clean your own home or are managing several vacation rentals, finding the time for a deep clean can be challenging. This is where hiring professional maids can help you.

Quickly book your first deep cleaning service

We need to know where your house is, how large it is, and what type of cleaning you need. Move in/move out cleaning is far different and a more detailed cleaning than a standard house cleaning, for instance.

Rely on our professional maids to get the details of a deep clean correct

The steps of a deep cleaning are vastly different from a tidy up. While we do recommend that you handle the organizational needs of your home, it’s our maids that will handle the small details that make a home feel like it’s been deep cleaned.

Revel in your free time

Working all week at your job is very different from working all weekend to clean your home. Once you find out just how fresh and clean your home can feel after a visit from MaidThis, you will be able to deeply relax in the comfort of your clean home. The deep cleaning house feel will make for a great weekend!

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Our 5-Step-Cleaner Screening Process

The Mission: To search everywhere to find you the best cleaners in the market!

Only 2% of all the applicants pass our entire screening process successfully, and that’s whom we work with exclusively.


It Starts with an Application

Our maids apply online and must complete all levels of our registration process.


We Start a Conversation on the Phone

Applicants undergo their first phone interview. Our hiring process is focused on keeping your household safe and secure.


We Meet to Talk In-Person Meeting

Our maids are then invited to a Zoom meeting for more questions and a further screening of job history, attitude and personality.


Training and Orientation Begins

Applicants undergo a voluntary orientation phase. Because our team members need to demonstrate flexibility above all, this orientation phase is critical to the happiness of our clients.


We Complete a Background Check

Finally, our applicants undergo a background check. All maids who enter your properties will have passed all 5 of these checks!

Long List of Satisfied Clients

Joe Gardner
Joe Gardner
I had a very good experience for the roughly 5 times I used this service. The one time that the cleaner didn’t do a great job, their team was very responsive and accommodating to help resolve the issue. So all around 5 stars :)
Emily Von Urff
Emily Von Urff
Amazing amazing service! Attentive to detail and incredibly kind. Happy to have found you guys!
Kassi Nopratvarakorn
Kassi Nopratvarakorn
Kemo was friendly and efficient. I needed a same day clean and very much appreciated his services.
Isa Davis
Isa Davis
did a 1 time deep clean and they did such a great job in 4 hours - very affordable! easy to schedule, easy to coordinate, no issues at all. highly recommend!
Ali Markulis
Ali Markulis
Mayra was amazing! She really went over and above. I really appreciated her organizing the small details so I could feel fresh and clean for the week! 10/10 great service
AJ Radford
AJ Radford
Had a great experience. Cleaner was thorough and left my place sparkling!

Why Choose MaidThis Cleaning Service

By hiring MaidThis cleaners for a professional deep cleaning, you offer yourself tremendous flexibility. If you suddenly find that you have in-laws coming, MaidThis will be there when you need them! If your vacation rental client cancels, you can cancel the next cleaning until you need it. A simple visit to our website gives you total control of your cleaning service.

Because your cleaners are trained to provide excellent service in any setting, your Los Angeles deep cleaning schedule needn’t change because personnel changes. Whether your cleaning schedule is steadily built around your family schedule or erratic and based on vacation renters, we can book cleanings as you need for both home and apartment deep cleanings.

Your answers to booking questions will determine the deep cleaning services you need. Your assigned maids will have the skills you need to provide deep cleaning no matter the situation.

All of your maids are trained to provide an elite level of clean. By the time cleaners leave, your vacation rental will be spotless and will smell wonderful. Your home will be deeply cleaned and feel fresh.




Hours Saved



House keeper cleaning service

We’re Not Happy Unless You’re Happy

We understand that the first time that you hire a cleaning service can be a little worrying. Not only are you testing out a new service, but you’re inviting strangers into your home. We encourage you to fully check out our work and we look forward to your feedback.

Our screening process is built to provide you with excellent service the first time.

Safety, both for your belongings and your maids, is key. Maids will never mix moisture and light fixtures during housekeeping.

Be aware that our maids don’t move furniture. The risk of damage to an old or classic piece is too great.

Additionally, we don’t clean walls. This restriction is also to avoid damage; it protects the surface, the coating or the wallpaper.

«Excellent! What’s the process for booking a deep cleaning service in Los Angeles?»

It’s time to use the best deep cleaning services in Los Angeles.
Visit our online booking form to create an account and book your next deep cleaning on your schedule.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I have to wait for my Los Angeles deep cleaning?

Because your maids are fully trained in any room, we can usually get you help within a short time.

Can professional deep cleaning services in Los Angeles include pet-related items?

Yes! If you have a cat tower that needs attention, just let us know.

I’m sensitive to scents. Can you help?

Our professional deep cleaning process will leave your California home smelling like clean, not like chemicals.

Do you only clean houses?

We offer both a home deep cleaning service and an apartment deep cleaning. Please let us know what to expect when you fill out your deep cleaning house booking.

Why doesn’t detailed cleaning include light bulbs?

When a light bulb or fixture gets hot, adding any type of liquid can cause the glass to shatter. Your maid service professionals will dust, but not add liquid.

Do you clean businesses or commercial buildings?

The majority of our housekeeping service is residential. Our commercial cleaning services are generally tied to vacation rental facilities.

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