Definitely Get a House Cleaner If…

Signs You Need A House Cleaner in San FranciscoPeople are frequently reluctant to get a house cleaner, often because they figure cleaning is no rocket science and they could do it themselves. That misses the point. You could do it yourself, but should you? There are many reasons to hire a house cleaner in San Francisco (or anywhere else in South Cali), and we have already written about them. This post is for those who are still skeptical. So, here are some signs that signal it will make sense to get professional house cleaning services.

You do everything to dodge having to clean

Staying on the ball constantly can be too much for your health and nerves. With the little time you have left as the day is coming to an end, it’s only understandable you want to put your legs up, watch your favorite show, read or just meditate. Unfortunately, this doesn’t make the mess go away. The bathroom will stay dirty and the dust will still sit on the TV, not to mention the dishes and the laundry. If you notice that you minimize your bathroom routine so that you avoid having to clean, or you wear the same clothes for days just so you don’t have to wash them, slow down and consider finally outsourcing some of the home cleaning stuff to a professional.

You have no clean clothes or nothing to eat

OK, every now and then we all find ourselves digging through our closets for something clean to wear. And sometimes we will fix a dinner into something more like an evening snack from the scraps we muster. But if this happens continually and you just feel overwhelmed with not managing everything, get that much needed peace of mind by offloading part of your responsibilities to a house cleaner who will be happy to do that for you.

You can’t remember the last time you had quality time with family

Everyone has a busy schedule these days. Not only do grown-ups have full-time jobs, but we also work on the side and the kids have school, sports and other activities… Seems weekends are the only time we can genuinely spend time together. That’s when time is at a premium. Deep cleaning your kitchen and living room is important, but is it as important as going to the beach with your family and enjoying a relaxed evening with your loved ones?

You can’t remember when you last deep-cleaned your place

Maybe you manage to keep things relatively functional with your cleaning routine and hacks. But do you remember the last time you dived into the nooks and crannies? Wiped the baseboards? Mopped the corners? That’s OK, we’ve all been there. However, do consider hiring someone to do it for you. Things can look much better than barely presentable.

Mess starts to own your place

If you stumble on clothes piled on the floor or you cannot get a glass of water because the sink is nowhere to be seen from all the dishes, it’s time to sort things out. By that we mean decluttering your to-do list and delegating the clean-up to someone who will do it happily and efficiently.

It takes you too long to clean

People have different talents. Some are naturally better at organizing and cleaning. If you are not that person and if you find yourself scrubbing the evening away doing just the bathroom, maybe you should give serious thought to simply giving up. Put the time and effort invested in the perspective. Take the result into account. Is it really worth putting yourself through it?

You can afford the expense

If you go through the figures and realize that you can afford the expense of cleaning, why not do it? The majority of people who hire a housekeeper say that it’s a dollar very well spent. It will buy you time to relax, enjoy and be present in the lives of those who matter to you most.

If we got you thinking and you’d like to see what your life will feel like when a professional takes care of your cleaning chores, call us! We will match you to a highly-professional and reliable house cleaner in San Francisco, Los Angeles or Orange County. Claim your time back and call us today!

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