COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

Keeping your home sanitized is the best way to ensure your safety! Cleaners have bleach and other solutions to clean your hard surfaces.

The below is being done to help ensure your safety:

  1. Any cleaners who have traveled in the last 21 days have been asked to stay at home
  2. Any cleaners who show any symptoms of fever OR are around those with similar symptoms have been asked to stay at home
  3. Cleaners have been recommended to (i) wear face masks (or cloth, if face masks are not available) during the cleaning, and (ii) wash their hands for 20 seconds BEFORE and AFTER the cleaning
  4. It is recommended by the CDC to stay 6 feet away from others. Cleaners have been recommended to do this while in your home, so don’t be offended if they move away from you 😉

The CDC recommends keeping elderly or other Immunocompromised individuals completely away from others. If you have any of these individuals in your home, you can cancel or reschedule your cleaning at no fee or cost.