Deep Cleaning Checklist: Your Deep Cleaning Guide

When people clean their homes, they tend to do things differently each time they clean. Does this fit the model of how you clean your house? Of course, things get a bit more complicated when deep cleaning chores are added to the cleaning process.

Professional maids are fast and efficient house cleaners because they use checklists to keep them organized. Being organized is the key to not missing cleaning chores that need to get done. It’s also the key to ensuring the cleaning process is made as easy as possible.

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What are the Steps to Deep Cleaning a House?

It’s important to remember that deep cleaning chores are typically added to what needs to be done regularly. Because these are special tasks, they are best managed via a deep cleaning house checklist. How often should you deep clean your house will be determined by your overall cleanliness and the frequency of your regular cleanings.

The steps for deep cleaning a house are similar to the steps that would be employed for standard house washing or cleaning. It should be handled room-by-room, starting in the back rooms of the home or apartment and moving forward toward the exit points. Also, each room should be cleaned from back to front and starting at the top, moving the dust and dirt to the floor where floor cleaning becomes the last step.

See What’s Included in a Room-by-Room Deep Cleaning Checklist

Whether you are doing regular housekeeping or Airbnb cleaning, the room-by-room approach is highly recommended by the maids working for our maid service in Denver. With that in mind, we would like to help you start building your room-by-room deep cleaning checklist in the following sections.

Deep Cleaning for Your Kitchen

In your kitchen, grease and grime have lots of little places they can hide. These are places that often get missed or ignored during regular house cleanings.

Cleaning your dishwasher

The enemy of your dishwasher is the soap scum that accumulates inside and outside. Your dishwasher cleaning efforts should largely focus on scrubbing the inside of the dishwasher to ensure the soap scum and food particles have been removed. You should also do some cleaning under the dishwasher, which often gets ignored.

Cleaning your cabinets and drawers

During regular cleanings, you probably focus on wiping the outside of your cabinets and drawers. Deep cleaning your cabinets and drawers would entail removing everything, wiping down and disinfecting the inside, and reorganizing the contents and you put them back.

Clean your refrigerator, freezer and ice maker

Like your cabinets, most of your regular cleaning efforts will focus on whipping down the outside of your refrigerator and or freezer. A good deep cleaning should put your focus on the inside where you sould remove everything, wipe down the inside, discard old food items, and reorganize the things you are putting back.

Deep Cleaning for Your Bathroom

Your bathroom is where hygiene is maintained. The room is constantly exposed to dirt, bacteria from excrement, and soap scum. You need to occasionally deep clean your bathroom to ensure your hygiene is being managed in a clean room.

Clean your shower

Deep cleaning of your shower should include a thorough cleaning of the floor area, shower mat, and glass enclosures. Also, pay attention to the soap scum that accumulates around the drain.

Clean your restroom

Given what goes into your toilet, you need to take great care to scrub the entire toilet bowl and tank. Inside the toilet bowl, don’t forget to clean under the rim where grime and bacteria like to accumulate. Cleaning should include disinfecting.

Clean mirror and surfaces

During regular cleanings, your focus likely falls on visible mirror, cabinets, and countertop surfaces. A deep cleaning should move your focus to the mirror frame, cleaning and reorganizing inside the cabinets, and the countertop grout.

Deep Cleaning for Your Bedroom

Since you spend at least a third of your life in the bedroom, a deep cleaning is necessary to remove dirt, dust, and bacteria from pollutants.

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Dust and vacuum

Deep cleaning a bedroom entails dusting and vacuuming in areas that typically get missed during regular cleanings. The areas that need deep cleaning are under the furniture/bed and inside closets and drawers.

Clean bedding

If you only make beds during a regular cleaning, a deep cleaning would be the right time to wash blankets and change the bedding.

Clean and disinfect

When cleaning a bedroom, disinfecting it is often missed. Deep cleaning is the time when you should go beyond dusting and polishing to include sterilizing everything.

Get your Living Room and Dining Room a Deeper Clean

If your living room is where you live and the dining room is where you eat, you want to rid these rooms of dust, dirt, and bacteria from pollutants.

Dust from top to bottom

Dusting from top to bottom includes hitting the visible surfaces while also dusting the legs and underneath the tables and chairs.

Clean surfaces

Deep cleaning surfaces encompasses cleaning the exposed surfaces as well as wiping down the trinkets and decorations that are sitting on ledges, shelves, and table-tops.

Dust and clean other things

Further dusting and cleaning during a deep cleaning should be done around fireplaces, windows, window coverings, wall hangings, ceiling fans, and light fixtures.

Why Choose MaidThis Denver

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With plenty of competition in the Denver area, we need to give you cause to choose MaidThis. To that end, we fully guarantee that our house and apartment deep cleaning services will meet your standards. We further promise the work will get done quickly and precisely at a price that is fair and affordable.

By entrusting these responsibilities to us, you’ll not only reclaim valuable free time but also cultivate positive mental well-being by diminishing stress and relishing in the comfort of a cleaner, more orderly living environment. This equilibrium fosters a fuller, more enriching life, enabling you to prioritize what truly matters and embrace the best that life has to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the correct order to clean a house?

When cleaning your house, you should always start with the bathroom. This should include disinfecting surfaces, cleaning toilets, and scrubbing shower curtains. Second, move onto the dusting and organizing. Third, vacuum and mop the floors. Finally, tackle the kitchen as the last room on the checklist.

What do you start with when deep cleaning?

Every deep cleaning should start with a plan of attack. That’s why you should use a deep-cleaning checklist as your guide. You can start at the back of the house and move your deep cleaning efforts forward until you reach the home’s exit points.

What is the correct order to clean a house?

As stated above, cleaning pros like to move dust and dirt from the back of a room to the door. They also like to clean from the ceiling and walls to the floor where all the cleaning remnants can be removed with a good floor cleaning.

How do professional cleaners clean so fast?

The best workers in any industry have something in common. They always find the fastest and most efficient ways to do their jobs. For a maid service in Denver, it’s cleaning checklists that keep maids focused so they can complete their housekeeping chores quickly and efficiently.

What is the difference between a deep cleaning and regular cleaning?

Deep cleaning chores are the chores you would add intermittently to your regular cleaning chores. Regular cleaning generally focuses on visible surfaces while deep cleaning puts the focus on the areas where dust, dirt, grease, grime, and bacteria like to hide. These hiding places can be found inside and under furniture, appliances, and plumbing fixtures.

A Final Tip for You

If you’re ready to get started on your deep cleaning checklist, give us a call or fill out the request form provided below. Maid This Denver offers a deep cleaning checklist for all your cleaning needs.

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