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MaidThis Can Help You Deep Clean Your Kitchen Space

If you’ve never booked with MaidThis, you can also contact us for an hourly cleaning rate. It’s also possible to contact us for a deep cleaning, which will include wiping inside your cabinets, refrigerator and oven. If you need to do a purge or just want to check the dates on all of your stored food, we can assist you with the cleanup.

Sanitizing all countertops and removing food crumbs

MaidThis cleaning guarantees exceptional cleanliness by thoroughly sanitizing all countertops, eliminating any lingering bacteria and promptly removing food crumbs.

Wiping down cooktops and removing residue

At MaidThis, we meticulously attend to your cooktops, ensuring they are free of any stubborn residue through our careful wiping-down process.

Washing both the interior and exterior of the microwave

MaidThis house cleaning takes care of every detail, including the interior and exterior of your microwave. Our cleaning professionals ensure a thorough wash, leaving your microwave both clean and hygienic.

Bringing a shine to appliances

For MaidThis cleaning, preserving the luster of your kitchen appliances is a top priority. We go beyond basic cleaning to bring a shine to your appliances, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of your kitchen.

Removing fingerprints and marks throughout the room

MaidThis cleaning excels in the art of detail, ensuring the elimination of fingerprints and marks throughout your kitchen. Our thorough cleaning process guarantees a polished and immaculate space.

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Your Kitchen Needs Regular Attention from MaidThis

It is easy to get behind on cleaning. This hard-working room can quickly go from cluttered to hazardous. Worse, dirty dishes in the sink and spoiled food in the refrigerator can make the space dangerous to your family. A simple spill in your oven can turn into a catastrophe if you don’t have time for quality weekly cleaning.

By reaching out to MaidThis for an hourly cleanup rate, you can get back on track. By booking a regular housekeeping schedule with them, you can enjoy your home again. A freshly polished stainless steel sink or newly mopped floor can help you relax and breathe easy in your home again.

Long List of Satisfied Clients

Kerem Szczebak
Kerem Szczebak
The team did a fabulous and thorough job!! I am so impressed. I will work with them again!
Scott Davis
Scott Davis
Our cleaners did a great job! The were professional, thorough, great communication, and we will use them again. I highly recommend!
Ryan Scott
Ryan Scott
Fantastic job cleaning my apartment. Thank you!
Kyla Regan
Kyla Regan
I hired this group to clean up the apartment on moving out which they did miss the fridge and closets, but after I reached out with my concern they were so kind and quickly addressed the missed spots. My landlord was happy with the clean and I am so happy to have chose this company for this service. Very professional and thorough. Would highly recommend choosing this company for any future jobs
Exactly what we needed! We stick with the same person every time. Efficient, well prepared and detail-oriented.
Armando, and his team always provide a great service. They work fast, show up on time, and always ask for my cleaning preference (what kind of product is ok to use etc).
Jett Goldsmith
Jett Goldsmith
Arturo was a fantastic coordinator for same-day services on short notice, and the cleaning team including Nazly and her cleaning partner were excellent and provided top-notch work.
Stacey Troy
Stacey Troy
I want to start by saying they did do a walk through with me at the end and I approved their work, so that's on me. But walking around my house I found more and more issues. It's like they dry dusted or were just moving dirt around. My Roomba would have done a better job on the hardwood. They never touched the refrigerator, left an hour early and charge me for the extra hour. I would give a three star rating thinking maybe they didn't realize they were cleaning with dirty tools, but they specifically moved a candle over a spot on a display area instead of cleaning it. That tells me they saw the stain and chose not to clean it. Two stars is for being ontime and polite.
Heather Boucher
Heather Boucher
Very thorough cleaning with excellent customer service!
maids cleaning service for kitchen

We Can Tailor Your Cleanup Service to Your Needs

Perhaps you don’t need a weekly housekeeping appointment for your entire home or apartment. You can still hire MaidThis in Denver to come in and do a standard cleanup or even a deep clean, including your refrigerator and oven.

There’s nothing wrong with booking a one-time hourly appointment for yourself or for a friend. If you have a family member that has been overwhelmed by illness or schedule pressure, or is simply unable to address their cleanup needs, you might gift them a detailed scrub of this crucial space to help them get back on their feet.

Our products are environmentally friendly and will leave your home smelling and feeling fresh. If you prefer that we use your preferred products, just let us know when you book your appointment.

What you can expect when you hire MaidThis maid service to clean your kitchen

Wiping cooktops to eliminate residue

Attending to faucets, knobs, and pulls with care

Eliminating fingerprints and marks throughout the room

Enhancing the shine of appliances

Sanitizing countertops thoroughly and removing food crumbs

Cleaning and polishing mirrors

maids for kitchen
bathroom cleaning

Your Kitchen Will Be Ready for Family and Friends

Every kitchen is distinctive, and MaidThis Denver offer assistance tailored to each one, allowing every space to radiate. Whether you have a compact kitchen used daily for family meals or a spacious one requiring occasional dusting and additional services, we offer the necessary care.

Count on us to understand the specific needs of your space and to deliver services that transform it into a room you genuinely enjoy. We take care of the precise housekeeping tasks you want someone to manage, providing you the opportunity to relax.

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To schedule your preferred maid cleaning service in Denver, give us a call or fill out our online booking form below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should cleanup supplies be stored?

Generally, these supplies should be stored near where they will be used. Under the sink may be the best option, as it will keep everything handy. Because oven cleaner is generally pressurized, it should be stored away from your stove. If you have small children, you may choose to store these products behind a locked door.

What is the pricing for cleaning kitchen spaces?

The cost for each project varies depending on the size of the space and the time since its last cleaning. Reach out to us for a personalized estimate tailored to your specific cleaning needs.

How long does it take to deep clean a kitchen?

It really depends on how dirty the space is. If someone spilled a whole pan of cake batter while baking, it may take more time. If our maids are servicing your vacation rental and the guests made a mess, it may be best to plan for an hourly rate to make sure all necessary appliance cleaning is completed.